Dodecanese Island via Marmaris Blue Cruise Tour

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Dodecanese Island via Marmaris Blue Cruise

Dodecanese Island via Marmaris Blue Cruise Tour: A fantastic journey to the Greek Islands with the best Turkish Gulet, Motor Yachts, or Sailing Yachts.

You would enjoy the Blue Cruise Turkey in Greek and Turkish waters. Be ready for a fantastic Greece and Turkey Blue Tour voyage, and we will make it an unforgettable holiday in your life. You visit Marmaris, Ano Symi (Symi Island), Chalki Island, Tilos Island, Nisyros Island, Kos Island, and Datça.



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Dodecanese Island via Marmaris Blue Cruise

Day 1 Marmaris

After arriving at your yacht in mid-afternoon and getting ready to set sail, take one day to enjoy the city of Marmaris and all it has to offer.

The city is always busy, day and night, and you have ample access to multiple choices of cuisine and activities. It is also time to stock up on any extra items you want before you set sail. Marmaris has a lot to offer and options around the harbor and even in the city center.

You might consider dining onboard your yacht, enjoying the outstanding private chef service, which is the first of many to come. And you can watch the bustling city and harbor in action.

Day 2Ano Symi (Symi Island)

Symi Island, which has a long history, is a Greek island that is very popular during the holiday season. Its colorful houses, which resemble Legos, attract tourists with port, sea, and nature chirping around the clock.

It is busy in summer and spring with calm and immaculate beaches, delicious cuisine, and a peaceful atmosphere. The most caring of the Greek islands, or Sombeki Island, was called Symi in the Ottoman Empire.

Take a close look at the historical and natural beauties and make an unforgettable holiday on the island that smells of culture and history.

Day 3Chalki Island

Chalki Island is the smallest of the twelve islands in the Aegean. It is one of three Greek islands (the other two are Tilos and Nisyros), sequentially decoupled between the islands of Decos and Rhodes. Halki, a secluded, tiny island in the west of Rhodes, was declared an island of” friendship and peace” by UNESCO in 1983; for us, this is an island of aesthetics, peace, and romance.

Even from a few miles away, before he sets foot, his image is like a postcard. A small port where fishing boats tired from the night rest; two-decker stone houses sprinkled over the hills on both sides of this port, painted in pastel colors.

The stone clock tower is rising through these houses—the only thing that reminds you of the concept of time that you would forget on the island. The name of this place is Emborio, apart from being the only port where ships, yachts, and fishing boats dock on the island.

It is the only settlement where the island people can stay, consisting of several hundred people and live tourists.

Day 4Tilos Island

Tilos can be defined as a place where you can spend a quiet and peaceful holiday outside the crowds of mass tourism routes. For these reasons, transportation can be provided with minimal flights and a small number of accommodation facilities.

Its crystal-clear sea has led to it being described as one of the jewels in the Aegean Sea, with its romantic sunset views. Its untouched mountainous areas allow hiking lovers to watch wildlife and nature and enjoy insatiable landscapes.

The history of Tilos is just like the other Dodokanez Islands (12 islands). In the 7th century BC, Herodotus mentions that the island experienced its golden age. In time, the island, which was included in the Athenian Federation, remained connected to Rhodes and later fell into the hands of the Romans.

Day 5Nisyros Island

According to Greek mythology, Nisyros Island was formed when the sea god cut off part of the island of Kos and threw it on the great Polyvotis to prevent it from escaping.

In the eyes of visitors, Nisyros is a paradise. Although tourists occupy many Greek islands, Nisyros has remained an untouched haven of peace and a place with the beauty of the clean water of the Aegean Sea along with the village air.

Day 6Kos Island

Kos Island, one of the largest 12 islands, also known as Kos, is only 8 nautical miles away from the Bodrum Peninsula. Magnificent historical monuments of the Ottoman, Byzantine, and Venetian periods await their guests in all their glory.

Kos is a modern tourist destination with its historical monuments and extremely flashy hotels, restaurants, beaches, and nightlife. Located in the center of Kos Island, the world-famous Hippocrates tree is one of the island’s most influential icons.

Hippocrates, who was considered the ancestor of doctors in mythological times, showed that human treatment could be provided by education and established a medical center called Asclepion. Currently, doctors come to the island of Kos to take the Hippocratic Oath.

Day 7Datça

Ancient Datca stands out both with its historical and natural beauties. Usually, houses have a single-story or two-story architecture.

Narrow streets consisting of cobblestones and bougainvillea hanging from their balconies have created a breathtaking landscape. I especially recommend taking pictures on these streets. Postcard photos appear. There are shops and stalls where ornaments are sold at most points.

You can watch Datca’s production live by coming across the women who made them famous. Here, you can buy souvenirs for your loved ones. The majority of these items are handmade, and the village residents sell them.

Day 8Marmaris (end of the tour)

After finishing your long and exhilarating voyage across the Mediterranean, and maybe the Aegean and Adriatic too, you arrive back in Marmaris and prepare for your return home. It is a great moment to enjoy a day’s stay in this fantastic city.

Marmaris is a jewel; its name is appropriate, “Turquoise Coast.” It provides you with every taste of the Mediterranean and Turkey before you leave for home.

It is time to take that last shopping walk and collect special items and local wares before leaving.

Dodecanese Island via Marmaris Blue Cruise Photos

Dodecanese Island via Marmaris Blue Cruise Map

Dodecanese Island via Marmaris Blue Cruise Tour

Imagine taking a cruise along the beautiful coast of Greece, soaking up the sun while exploring undiscovered coves, historic sites, and thriving local cultures.

The ideal method to make your dream a reality is with a blue cruise. We’ll delve into the world of blue cruises in this post, discussing everything from the blue voyage in Marmaris to gulet cruises in the Dodecanese Islands.

Blue Cruise Greece

What is a Blue Cruise?

A leisurely sailing tour along the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts is referred to as a “blue cruise,” sometimes known as a “blue journey.” Most of the time, these cruises stop at a variety of interesting places, visit historical sites, and eat at local restaurants.

Top Greek Islands for a Blue Cruise

Santorini is renowned for its beautiful sunsets and whitewashed structures.
An active island noted for its vibrant nightlife is Mykonos.
Greece’s largest island, Crete, is rich in history and has beautiful natural surroundings.
A UNESCO World Heritage site with a lengthy medieval history is Rhodes.
Blue Marmaris Cruise

Exploring Marmaris and its Surroundings

In Turkey and Greece, Marmaris is a well-liked launching place for blue cruises. Before setting sail, visitors can tour the lovely old town and stunning beaches in this coastal town.

Highlights of the Marmaris Blue Voyage

Dalyan is a little riverbank village well known for its turtle beach and old rock tombs.
Fethiye: A busy market and lovely coastline may be found in this thriving harbor town.
Butterfly Valley is a remote beach with lovely swells and a lush environment.
Sky Cruise Europe’s Islands

Cyclades Island Hopping

The Cyclades Islands are a well-liked stop on blue cruises because they provide a blend of modern glitz and rustic charm. When you go on an island-hopping vacation, you can see how each island is different, from the quiet of Paros to the lively vibe of Mykonos.

Ionian Island Discovery

The Ionian Islands offer a more tranquil and lush environment for sailing. Islands like Corfu, Lefkada, and Kefalonia are excellent destinations for a tranquil blue cruise because they have verdant landscapes and immaculate beaches.

Gulet Cruise Dodecanese

What is a Gulet?

Traditional wooden sailing boats called gulets are popular in Turkey and Greece for blue-water excursions. These boats have a cozy, private feel that is perfect for sailing at a slow pace.

Dodecanese Island Gems

Ancient ruins and a thriving nightlife are highlights of Kos.
The Monastery of St. John the Theologian is located on the spiritual island of Patmos, which has a long religious history.
Symi: A beautiful island with vibrant Neoclassical buildings and pristine waters.
Nisyros is a volcanic island with traditional communities and distinctive lunar scenery.

Planning Your Blue Cruise

Choosing the Right Cruise Operator

Choosing a reliable and knowledgeable cruise operator is the key to a great cruise with no problems. Inquire about tour companies that have skilled employees, flexible itineraries, and outstanding reviews. Never be afraid to ask friends or online travel communities for recommendations.

The Best Time to Go on a Blue Cruise

Between May and October is the best time to take a blue cruise in Greece and Turkey. The climate is nice throughout these months, and sailing is a popular activity.

However, think about scheduling your trip during the shoulder season if you want fewer tourists and cooler weather (April, May, September, and October).

Packing Tips for a Blue Cruise

Pack breathable, light clothing for hot days and a lightweight jacket for chilly evenings.
Get comfortable walking shoes for exploring historic locations and difficult terrain.
For sun protection, don’t forget your swimsuit, sun hat, and sunscreen.
Bring a reusable water bottle so you can stay hydrated while traveling.
For day trips and excursions, bring a small backpack or tote.

A blue cruise is the best way to learn about the beautiful coastlines, different cultures, and interesting histories of Greece and Turkey.

You’re in for a memorable journey whether you choose a Marmaris Blue Voyage, a blue cruise around the Greek Islands, or a gulet cruise in the Dodecanese. You’ll make lifelong memories if you prepare well and have an adventurous spirit.

Islands of Symi Full Day Cruises: A Blue Cruise in Greece

The Charm of Symi

Symi Island is a tiny but charming treasure in the Greek Dodecanese archipelago, nestled in the Aegean Sea’s crystal-clear waters. Symi provides a distinctive and genuine Greek experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

It is known for its vibrant neoclassical architecture, lovely beaches, and kind, welcoming residents.

Symi’s Rich History

Symi has been inhabited since prehistoric times and is rich in history and culture. Many civilizations have risen and fallen on the island, including the ancient Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, and Knights of St. John.

The island’s intact architecture, archaeological sites, and intriguing museums are now testaments to its colorful past.

Dodecanese Island Cruises

Exploring the Dodecanese Archipelago

The Dodecanese archipelago is made up of 12 big islands and a lot of smaller ones. Each of the islands and islets has its personality and charm.

You can have the best of both leisure and adventure while cruising through these beautiful islands and learning about their history, culture, and natural beauty.

Must-Visit Dodecanese Islands

Each of the Dodecanese Islands has its allure, but some of the must-see islands are Patmos, which is home to the Monastery of St. John and the Cave of the Apocalypse, as well as Rhodes, which boasts a medieval old town and the Palace of the Grand Master. Kos is another must-see island.

Blue Cruise in Greece

What is a Blue Cruise?

A blue cruise is a relaxing sail around the beautiful shores of Greece and Turkey. Most of the time, these trips are made on traditional wooden gulets, which are well-made boats made for comfort and fun.

Blue cruises are ideal for individuals who like to see charming coastal communities, swim in remote bays, and relax in the sun.

Highlights of a Blue Cruise

A blue cruise is unlike anything else because it gives you a unique mix of rest, adventure, and cultural immersion. The highlights of a blue cruise include visiting historical sites and prehistoric ruins, discovering secluded coves and gorgeous beaches, and dining on mouthwatering locally-produced food.

Full-Day Cruise Itinerary for Symi Island

A wonderful approach to discovering Symi Island’s undiscovered gems and breathtaking beauty is to embark on a full-day boat trip around the island. A suggested schedule for your amazing day at sea is provided below:

Panormitis Monastery

Visit the magnificent Panormitis Monastery, which is located on the island’s southern coast, to start the day. This beautiful monastery from the 18th century is dedicated to the Archangel Michael and gets people from all over the world. A large number of holy objects, such as icons and votive offerings, in the monastery, adds to its peaceful atmosphere.

Gialos Harbor and Ano Symi

Then, make your way to Gialos Harbor, Symi’s charming major harbor, where you’ll be met with a stunning collection of vibrant neoclassical homes. Take in the well-preserved buildings, quaint squares, and expansive views of the harbor below as you stroll around Ano Symi, the island’s old upper town.

Swimming and Snorkeling Stops

At several swimming and snorkeling stops along your journey, you’ll be able to jump into the clear waters of the Aegean Sea. Visit the area’s clear waters to view the abounding marine life and unwind in the sun on beaches that are only accessible by boat.

The Stunning St. George’s Bay

Without stopping by St. George’s Bay, a captivating area renowned for its majestic cliffs and stunning blue waters, your day at sea wouldn’t be complete.

This secluded bay is great for snorkeling, swimming, or just relaxing on the deck of your gulet and taking in the beautiful scenery.

The best way to take advantage of everything the Dodecanese archipelago has to offer is to spend a full day sailing around the charming island of Symi.

A day spent discovering the island’s hidden gems and charming coastal villages will leave you with memories to last a lifetime, from the rich history and culture to the breathtaking natural beauty.

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