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Is a crewed yacht vacation family-friendly?

Every year thousands of families of all ages sail across the Mediterranean and Adriatic. The yacht holiday is great for children of all ages – you visit different ports and islands every day, and there’s always something new going on. Our captains enjoy showing the children the Boat line and even let them take the helm to sail a little! In terms of safety, a yacht is very safe. We are providing life jackets and seat belts to the kids—a very safe environment.


Have there been any shark attacks in Turkey?

No shark attack incidents have been reported in the country’s entire history, which makes your experience of swimming in the warm turquoise waters safely.


Can I bring a pet to the yacht?

Most yachts do not allow guests to bring pets to ensure strict cleaning standards. Please check with us before booking.


Can I choose the menu?

You can tell us about your food and drink preferences for your yacht charter contract. Part of our planning procedure involves filling out a detailed questionnaire to inform you about your food and drink choices. And whether there is a specific dietary or medical requirement for those in your group. It allows your crew to fully understand your needs and provide you with the most convenient service. The chefs of all our yacht boats are experienced and proud of the high standards of cuisine they offer to their guests.


Would you recommend any attractions or restaurants on my chosen route?

Your sales representatives recognize local points and know what they need to see where you choose. They can recommend the most exclusive bars and clubs and the best restaurants in the city. In addition, they can offer day trips to explore the hidden beauties in and around the place you rent.


Can you create a particular route according to my wishes?

If you want to make the most of your holiday, a specially prepared route is the best way. Thanks to your rental agent’s expertise in the Tour area, they can help you plan the most appropriate course for you and your group.


Can you tell me more about the crew?

The yacht crew is on board to anticipate your every need during your charter. Still, many of our crew members have a specific skill set that may be of interest to you during the cruise. For example, your rental representative can organize a yoga or diving instructor on the boat during your trip. And inform you if there is a masseuse/esthetician among the boat-certified child-Decker or crew members. Just let us know your needs; we would take care of the rest.


Should I have insurance?

We always recommend travel insurance when traveling in unpredictable situations. Your charter agreement can detail the insurance provisions on the yacht. However, your yacht owner would remain insured throughout your tour. We recommend you obtain additional liability coverage to protect you and your guests from any unforeseen mishaps.


Do you have a scuba diving course?

We have daily and weekly guaranteed take-off diving tours and CMAS and PADI certificate courses in Turkish waters under the supervision of our experienced scuba diving instructors with PADI or CMAS licenses approved by Turkish and international authorities. We use it with special equipment during diving tours or courses.


Do I need sailing experience?

No, you do not need sailing experience for a skipper yacht charter. However, you need an RYA Day Skipper certificate to sail yourself or do so later.


Do you provide concierge service on the boat?

After boarding your yacht, you want to spend your time relaxing with family and friends. We can book tables at the best restaurants in the city, arrange excursions, book tickets to all the best events, or arrange a luxury hotel stay. Suppose you want to follow the rental agreement with an overseas experience. Just say your request.


Are Gulet yachts crewed?

Yes, all gulets have a minimum crew of a captain, a cook, and a sailor. Luxury gulets have extra staff, including hostesses.


Have you ever seen the route I chose?

Rental experts spend much time researching the best holiday destinations. So they’re in an excellent position to let you know the whole place you’ve chosen and the best time of year to visit.


Have you ever been on the yachts you recommend?

Our charter representatives visit all the yachts we recommend at least once and carefully examine all their details.


How to rent a yacht?

Just send us an email, the phone call, or WhatsApp text to Our experts would work with you to plan your memorable holiday. We can carefully listen to the type of yacht you are looking for, the kind you want to spend as much time on, and the holiday goals and style that appeal to you. Then, with the knowledge and experience you give us, we would offer you the most suitable yacht alternatives.


How to rent a Gulet?

Take some time to see the different options available for yachts and itineraries. It is often helpful to discuss your holiday plans with us before you finally make your decision. After deciding which yacht is best suited, We are negotiating with the start and end Ports about the dates of your trip and the timing with the yacht owner. Finally, we would make the appropriate contract for you to sign. It makes a legal contract and stipulates the owner’s liability to the contractor and vice versa—the availability of the yacht and the conditions associated with the financial agreements. We state in a way that allows both parties to understand their commitments. Typically, a fifty percent deposit is paid to our account to confirm the booking with the balance fee you must pay before receiving it. Conditions are the standard worldwide yacht charter practice.


How do I plan the course?, a private crewed yacht charter, would give you full support for itinerary planning. We can consider your needs down to the smallest detail, and your captain and we can prepare a route plan according to your wishes. It includes your food and drink preferences and the activities you want to enjoy on the yacht and the shore. Then, of course, after you have boarded the yacht, you decide to change your route with the guidance of the captain.


How can I make a reservation?

Gulet and yacht booking procedure is not complicated, and your charter representative would be there every step of the way. They pass the yacht charter agreement with you. In addition, they explain unfamiliar terms to ensure that you are delighted with your final booking.


How do I choose the right yacht for me?

The more you tell us about your interests, travel time, the number of people involved, budget, and even your dreams, the better we can guide you to the perfect choice. We inspect all the yachts we offer, know the crew and itineraries well, and try to find the perfect fit.


How long before the tour date should I book? can arrange a contract for you next week or next year. If you want to secure a particular yacht or your holiday dates aren’t flexible, it’s best to book as early as possible. Your yacht charter representative can help you arrange a charter agreement. Still, if you plan to book a specific yacht or plan to pay attention to specific dates, we can advise you on when best to secure it.


How many hours of cruising a day?

Our yacht holidays are more about” more holidays “than” more cruising.” On average, you can cruise three to four hours a day, morning and afternoon (break for lunch in a divided place). Of course, you can do more or less cruising. It is all about the agreed route.


What is the transfer time from the airport to the yacht?

The longest time you can spend in a taxi or bus for most of our holidays should be no more than sixty minutes, but often less. If you have arranged a transfer with us, be sure to provide us with these details through our crew list to ensure that our driver is in the appropriate place to meet you.


How much does Yacht Charter cost?

That’s a very volatile question. The quality of the yacht determines prices, the number of people traveling, and flights and transfers. has yachts and tour destinations. The costs associated with each of these holiday opportunities are equally diverse. They can vary from a few thousand Euros and up to fifty thousand Euros. To best help you plan your holiday, you must let us know how much you want to cost this holiday. This information allows us to advise you quickly and effectively on the most suitable yachts and itineraries that meet the limits of your charter plan.


How much cash should I have with me?

After paying for the yacht, you won’t need much cash. However, if you are providing your food, we recommend keeping enough money for it. Most shops and restaurants you can visit on the tour route accept credit cards and foreign currencies. Likewise, guests participating in cabin rentals need money to pay for their drinks on the boat. Within the ports, some banks exchange all currencies and traveler’s checks.


How much should I tip the crew at the end of the tour?

Tipping the yacht crew after a successful holiday is, of course, at your discretion. But if you’re happy with your holiday experience, an appropriate amount of tips would be welcome and motivate the team. Your agent can advise you on the amount and distribute the gratuity to the crew on your behalf if you wish. But, again, at your discretion. It is customary to tip the captain and his crew at the end of a tour for excellent care and service. As a recommendation, tipping at 5-10% of the basic rental fee is considered fair. In comparison, you may offer a tip of 15% or more in exceptional service and cases. But it always depends on your discretion.

Can you smoke on the yacht?

Smoking is rarely allowed inside Yachts due to fabric damage and persistent odor. Still, there is no shortage of tobacco in most outer deck areas. All substances that are illegal on land are also unlawful on a yacht.


Can I finish the tour in a different port than the Port where I started?

You can board or disembark from different ports. But sometimes we charge an extra fee. The cost varies according to the distance between the two ports. Would you please ask your rental specialist for information about a one-way Tour?


What can I do in case of seasickness?

Buy Dramamine, a cheap marine disease medicine that you can get from pharmacies—highly recommended if seasick. It would be best to take it before you feel bad, which activates your vestibular system and significantly reduces your seasickness sensitivity. Alternatively, you can try taking some ginger root with you at sea and eating some ginger root before leaving the Port. Consult your doctor for more detailed information.


How to prepare food and drinks?

The cook on board prepares the best of Mediterranean, Turkish, Greek, and world cuisines. Some are breakfast, meat and vegetable dishes, fish and other seafood, appetizers and pies, afternoon pastries, and cakes. You can barbecue several times a week. If there are some vegetarian guests, the cook considers it. Please let us know if you are a vegetarian or need special arrangements for food when booking your holiday. Meals are served on the upper deck, outdoors, and in a pleasant view. If you prefer to shop for food and drink, you can do it at the supermarket. In that case, we’ll start our first day later. If you’d instead organize this for you, we’d be happy too. In this way, you would never lose time, and you can start your journey immediately after arriving. We can buy drinks for you, you can also bring your drinks, and we can serve them.


What are the yacht departure days?

During the summer, the Tour start and end days are Saturdays. Some yachts are exceptionally Depart  Sunday and Monday. As a standard, the rental period is one week. Still, according to the yacht’s availability, it is possible to rent for a shorter period.


What are the safety measures on yachts?

Our yachts are inspected every year for safety measures. Life jackets, lifeboats, fire extinguishers, and all technical equipment are checked and allowed to go out to sea after they have taken permission. Balustrades flank the upper deck. For emergencies, there is an outboard motorized boat.


Can I also get support from a rental specialist during the tour?

A yacht charter does not mean a tour in which you sail from a group of crew you do not know without the support of any broker. We do our best to ensure that your yacht charter service runs smoothly. Your captain and crew are ready day and night to take care of you while you’re on board. But if you have any questions or additional requirements, you can contact your rental specialist by email and phone. During a rental agreement, you have phone access to get support when you need it. In addition, we have the operations manager’s phone number and our emergency number to call in your documents.


What activities can we do on the shores?

There are plenty of opportunities to explore and enjoy when going ashore from your Gulet. It all depends on where you are in the Mediterranean or Aegean. In some destinations, you can snorkel or dive into the vibrant world. You can go fishing, walk on the soft sandy beach around a deserted and isolated beach. You can enjoy a picnic and mingle with the local people in a crowded town. In addition, you can shop at a brand store, buy trinkets or enjoy a view you’ve never seen before. At, we are happy to provide you with this information to add to your itinerary.


What information can you give me about my chosen yacht that isn’t on the internet?

Your yacht charter representative can give you the latest information about the yacht, crew, and the latest features on board. It is a great way to get as much information as possible about renting a yacht before starting your tour.


What can I do during the tour?

There is much to do depending on your preferences! Yacht charter holidays are often more about’ holidays ‘than’ sailing.’ But in the end, the balance between the two is decisively up to you. A yacht charter is about adventure and exploration. You use your yacht to visit different islands, coves, or villages as much as your days. You can join sails, relax in the sun, swim in clear waters, explore castles, rent scooters, eat and drink, snorkel in secluded coves, explore hidden taverns, sleep.


What exactly is the preference list?

After choosing a yacht and choosing your destination, the next step is for your car to send you a yacht preference form. This detailed survey covers everything from your food and drink preferences, special events that you might want to celebrate while on board. And any medical conditions you or your group may have. When you return the completed preference form, your broker ensures that they perfectly prepare your yacht according to your specific requirements.


What Is Gulet Yacht?

Traditional Turkish gulets are custom boats, each handmade of wood, built by craftsmen. Gulets, also known as motor sailboats, are ideal for coastal trips and long sea cruises. Because they offer extremely comfortable cruising pleasure, we understand that the first construction of gulets started in the Bodrum region in Turkey. However, due to the growing demand and market, production is also being done in Bozburun, Marmaris, Fethiye, and Istanbul. The Turkish Gulet is very similar to the working boats of ancient times and equipped with engines and modern amenities. It lets you explore the beautiful Turkish and Greek beaches (these days also in the Adriatic). And explore comfort and style and experience the spirit once in a long time. Imagine that thousands of years ago, you carried loads of wine and copper across the Aegean to trade with ancient civilizations or carried a fishing boat that made the Mediterranean intertwine with fish. They built such boats are along the Aegean coast of Turkey. They used much of the skills and designs that passed it to modern-day boat builders. Our gulets, from 14-60 meters long. They have beamed wooden hulls, very spacious and airy; and high headroom in a hot climate that improves air circulation, especially for children booms and high visors, very safe; very spacious cabins, the comfort of the hotel is almost entirely covered with sunbathing cushions, expansive sun terraces and regular; coach sheltered aft deck with a roof; exterior covered dining area with a sun awning; powerful engines for safe navigation and accurate route planning; large water capacity; fully equipped professional kitchen utensils; warm water and cold water system; adequate space for entertainment equipment and facilities. What could be more romantic than navigating a traditional wooden boat with all its sails under cloudless blue skies?


What is APA? How is it calculated?

The charter fee usually includes only the yacht and crew fee, and all other costs are not part of the charter fee. Each rental company has different needs and requests. APA or Advance provision Allowance is a standard arrangement to cover your expenses on Yacht Charter. For this captain, the boat is a simple and hassle-free way to create a small cashier account to cover operating expenses such as food, drink, communications, port fees, fuel.

The captain makes all payments from this Advance Account and provides you with all receipts. There are no hidden expenses in the APA, and you can review the spending details at any time. The remaining credit at the end of your luxury charter contract is fully refunded in cash. Likewise, an average payment is paid to the captain before boarding the yachts. Your captain should warn you if the APA you have invested exceeds the costs, so it can’t be a surprise. The APA amount is calculated as a percentage of the rental fee, which is 20-25% for a yacht and 30-35% for a super luxury yacht, depending on the price of the trip and the number of passengers. Under Myba’s terms, the APA will be paid from the date of the final lease payment. This allows the captain and crew to plan and personalize your tour before your arrival.


What are the captain’s responsibilities?, all crews on chartered yachts in its portfolio are professionally certified to ensure you have the highest level of safety experience. In addition, the crew is experienced in providing a high level of service and hospitality for everything from fine dining to recreation and safe water toys. The captain consults with you when necessary and always tries to comply with your wishes. However, he is ultimately responsible for the ship’s safety and everyone on board and makes the final decision when the conditions demand it.

What’s the date of the Blue Cruise?

The first tourists came to Bodrum in the 60s and 70s. At that time, there were only small fishing boats without WC and a cabin. They chartered these ships for 3-4 days and went to the untouched bays of Gokova. They loved him so much and kept coming back. After that, in all those years, boat makers made more extensive and more luxurious gulets. Today gulets have sails and all kinds of comfort and equipment and are exported all over the world.


What can we do on the boat during the day?

If you are on a boat with your family and children, you may prefer to swim in quieter coves. You can snorkel and see the beautiful underwater, try other water sports. Some of the boats also carry a canoe or even a surfboard. Maybe you should go for a walk in the woods or read a book. You may prefer to buy a glass of raki, listen to some music and join your friends at an upstairs barbecue. You can decide to stay in a quiet bay at night or stay in the harbor for shopping or going out at night. Your captain chooses the best route that is most suitable for you and does his best to have a great holiday. Boats travel about 3-4 hours on the road and then stop at 3-4 different places each day. Depending on the wind, they can open the sails.


What to pack?

First of all, don’t forget to bring your camera! Comfortable, informal clothes and equally comfortable shoes are a must for touring cities and ancient sites—soft or rubber-soled shoes on the boat. Wear casual shoes and sandals for use only on the beach. You would need light clothes, T-shirts, shorts, light cotton pants, jeans, and shirts in summer. May, September, April, October, mid-September, evenings, and even days can be cool, so please bring a sweater or sweatshirt. Remember that you should avoid wearing short or short sleeves when visiting mosques or churches. Life on a boat is often comfortable, so keep in mind – don’t come with suitcases – it’s hard to keep on a boat. And you’ll probably want to bring at least two swimsuits along with some beach towels – these don’t exist on some yachts.


What are the boarding and boarding times?

The official time for your yacht to be ready and the board to be available is 15:30-17:00. Using your arrival information on the crew list, we ask the captain to have the yacht ready earlier. Still, please understand that this cannot be guaranteed, as it takes time to prepare the entire yacht and supply. You must check out from 09:00 to 10:00 on the day of decommissioning, which means that you are in Port before or early morning on the same day. Please contact your rental car about this.


What kind of yacht should I rent? has a wide range of rental yacht options, with access to more than 500 of the best rental yachts in the Mediterranean and Aegean. It allows us to offer you the best rental solution that fits your personal needs. First, we need to know the size and aspirations of your group, including your age, expectations, and accommodation requirements. With this information, we can offer yachts or yachts that best suit your needs.

When do I make the last payment for the rental?

Charter contracts may vary slightly for certain yachts. Still, in general, you must pay your balance and other relative costs at least 30 days before the start of the tour.


What’s the best time for a vacation?

Almost every one of the Mediterranean’s leading holiday destinations is affected by the seasons. So there are good times to be there, as well as inappropriate times. it’s a point where’s expertise adds value to your planning. We’ll advise you on the best time of year to enjoy any destination region and suggest an alternative if that doesn’t fit your requirements.


Where is the best area for sailing?

All the regions we serve are suitable for sailing. Here it should be noted that in what period of the year, in what weather conditions you can do holiday. We are also monitoring the wind and storm calendars carefully.


What currency do they use?

You can use the Turkish Lira, Dollar, Euro, or British Pounds during payments in Turkey. The most widely accepted credit cards are Visa, Master Card, American Express, Eurocard, and Diner’s Club. They are using in Greece and Croatia since they are members of the European Union.


What’s the best route?

It is a question that can be shaped entirely by personal likes and preferences. But with peace of mind, we can say that all the routes we offer are better and better than each other.


Who decides the course?

We recommend making decisions, letting your captain decide, or a combination of both. Every day, we cruise from one island to another island. Or anchor in the same place for a few days and relax. After all, this is your choice. We provide recommended routes before you go, but you can decide your course since everyone is different. The captain improves and perfects your preferences, so we usually recommend that you sit down with your crew on arrival, with a map, a bottle of wine, have a good chat.


Why should I rent a private yacht?

Renting a private gulet offers you comfort, privacy, and flexibility in menu, itinerary, provision. The Gulet and crew are assigned to you only. You can choose a gulet for your group in our fleet from at least two cabins to 16 cabins.


Will my family or relatives be able to contact me during the tour?

Most luxury yachts have satellite phones and internet (sometimes charged for this service), and mobile phone service is available at most tourist destinations. In addition, in October, we may provide your yacht’s contact details for you to distribute to family or friends before you leave.


Will my privacy be respected?

They use the chartered yachts to entertaining celebrity guests and celebrities on board. The professional crew is confidential and maintains the profile that awaits you when you appear when you need it. You can remove your privacy when you want it. Privacy is top essential part of our service.

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