Bodrum to Gokova and Hisaronu Blue Cruise Tour

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Bodrum to Gokova & Hisaronu Blue Cruise

Bodrum to Gokova and Hisaronu Blue Cruise. Hire your traditional Turkish gulet, modern motor yacht, or sailing yacht, then start your Blue Cruise Turkey.  Explore the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts around Bodrum, Datça, and Marmaris peninsulas. With the gulet rental Turkey, you can find your favorite yacht for a perfect vacation in Turkey. In this 15 days Blue Cruise Turkey, you are going to visit those bays and coasts; Orak Island, Çökertme, Long Port, Kufre Bay, Seven Island, English Harbor, Karacasogut, Longoz Bay (Kargili), Tuzla Bay, Knidos, Palamutbuku, Aktur Bay, Bencik Bay, Emel Sayin Bay, Orhaniye Bay, Selimiye Bay, Bozburun, Dirsekbuku, Datça, Hayitbuku, Mersincik Bay, Orak Island, Papuç Burnu, Poyraz Bay.



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Bodrum to Gokova & Hisaronu Blue Cruise Itinerary

Day 1Bodrum

We are departing from Bodrum to start with something sensational to kick off the vacation; that’s why we are sailing to the Gulf of Hisaronu and then to Kos. It can be a fantastic way to where your appetite for all the beautiful mysteries that lie ahead. Imagine the Odysseus and look down into the clear blue sea as your yacht sails over horizons. It was once the garden of Neptune and now is in your grazing ground.

Day 2Orak Island & Çökertme

Orak Island

It is an island located within the borders of Bodrum district. It is located in the east of Bodrum district. It is located at an average distance of 16 kilometers from Bodrum. The end of the Island is like a sickle. For this reason, Orak Island was named after it. As one of the essential blue cruise routes of Bodrum, it welcomes thousands of local and foreign tourists every year. It is also one of the first preferences of those who dive decently. The sea table on the Island is blue. It is therefore said to be the Maldives of Bodrum. The bottom of the sea looks like glass. The sea is sparkling and has bays like an aquarium, and it is a place for those who want to swim and dive. Because the Island has pristine water, the visibility at the bottom of the sea is quite clear. Therefore, you can see the creatures found in the sea. It, in turn, shows why diving lovers prefer sickle Island so much. The divers and those who come with their boats love the cleanliness and clarity of the sea of this Island. Blue tour passengers and boaters coming to Orak Island say that you may encounter Caretta Caretta turtles when you go.


The start or end stop of yachts and gulets goes on a blue tour in Bodrum. The bay is a place where the soul of man rests with its calm. Since Çökertme Bay has been declared a special protection zone, there is no construction. This unique beauty of the bay and beach also affects the people who come here with their boats and boat anchors to enjoy this beauty by staying here. You can feel your soul resting as you sunbathe on its beach. A calm and stable sea would help you to swim comfortably. There are two small beaches to the west and north of Çökertme Bay. The beach to the west is relatively shallower. Its depth is between 5 Dec 15m. There is a pier attached to the beach to the east of the bay. You can jump from here. The bay is surrounded by mountains, a magnificent sea, boats on the horizon, a single row of low-rise hostels, and restaurants on land. It is a quiet, quiet place that we are not used to seeing in our country. Visitors to Çökertme Bay anchor their boats on Piers, enter the sea in a calm and peaceful environment and enjoy wonderful nature.

Day 3Long Port – Kufre Bay – Seven Island – English Harbor

Long Port

Long Port is aptly named, with a 130-meter opening leading into an even wider bay area. The area is renowned for its beauty. Many visitors anchor around the bay or in a cove to enjoy a calm moment before setting sail again.

Kufre Bay

Kufre Bay, which attracts attention with its unique nature, is one of the bays where local and foreign tourists show interest. Kufre Bay is a corner of paradise surrounded by hills, where green and blue meet. It is the most beautiful natural harbor area. Enjoy your holiday here, especially if you want to have a great visual by watching the sunset. You can swim in an azure, still sea and bask in the calm wind.

Seven Island

In front of the southern coast covered with deciduous pine forests form a bay more than 2 miles wide between them and the coast. There are many deciduous corners to anchor between this Island and the bays in almost all weather conditions. Martı Island to the west is a barren island. On the south side and eastern cape, there are beautiful beaches to enter the sea. Other islands are long and small islands. All of them have cliffs and no beaches. It is one of the most beautiful places where you can do scuba diving. The underwater fauna is quite rich. For this reason, diving lovers especially prefer these islands. In addition to this, you can do sailing sports on the islands or walk-in walking areas filled with pine trees, where you witness natural beauty.

English Harbor

English Bay, located in the Gulf of Gokova on the Bodrum-Datça Peninsula, is a place that resembles a paradise decked out among lush pine forests. It’s so sheltered that the choppy waters of the Gulf of Gokova never come here. For this reason, it is the most reliable place where blue cruise boats can stay. The bay is not affected by the weather conditions in any way. Therefore, it is the most accurate address for those who want to intertwine their holiday with the sea and nature with its magnificent nature. There is also a reason why English Bay, also referred to as English Harbour, got this name. The bay is so sheltered that a ship belonging to the British Navy that escaped the German Navy during the Second World War could hide here for several months. Those who want to swim in the English Bay’s calm, turquoise blue waters are calm and peaceful every period of the year. Therefore, it should be at the top of the list of destinations during the Blue journey.

Day 4Karacasogut

Karacasöğüt Bay is located at the confluence of pine forests with the sea. A lovely place. Surrounding hills and mountains are covered with pine forests. Karacasöğüt Bay also has a small marina, a small pier with a capacity of 15 yachts, a sailing school, a restaurant, and a market. You can do nature walking and trekking on the path roads in the wooded areas.

Day 5Longoz Bay (Kargili)

We set sail to Longoz (Kargili) Bay for lunch, another place like a paradise, sheltered with pine trees. Kargili bay is famous for its relaxing atmosphere. It houses pine trees at the water’s edge, and the bay area is sheltered, providing a peaceful sea. It is calm as you seek; it is the place to visit, lie back, enjoy the gentle rock of the yacht as the day goes by. For dinner and overnight stay, we are anchoring in Ballı Su.

Day 6Tuzla Bay

Tuzla Bay, located in the Gulf of Gokova with its unique sea view and perfect sea, is one of the ideal bays for entering the sea and making a blue journey among the decks in the region. The 2.5-mile-wide bay stretches along a beautiful coast from west to east. At Tuzla Bay, you can enjoy the Immaculate sea, witness the magnificent visual moment that arises from the sun’s meeting with the water, and relieve stress with a blue ride away from the noise of the city. There is an islet in the middle of Tuzla Bay, one of the most anchored bays of boat tours in the bay. Every individual who visits these bays with blue boat tours can see these islets and enjoy this magnificent bay with various swimming activities. It is also possible to experience various activities along with boat tours. During the boat tour, you can experience different music, dance activities and have a great time during your holiday on the boats anchored in this bay.

Day 7Knidos & Palamutbuku

Knidos (Cnidus)

Knidos is the most important trade, art, and cultural city of antiquity. Knidos, the modern city of its era, where they experienced the first examples of democracy, is located where the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea meet. Datça Peninsula, located within the borders of Caria, is dominated by Dorians from the Aegean islands. Dorians founded Knidos in Burgas on the Cape of Dalak, 2 km from the center of Datca. Knidos B.C 4. in the middle of the century, it was moved to Tabby Cape, 35 km away, where the remains of today are located. Developments in maritime trade were instrumental in this move. We describe the city of Knidos after this move. (Büyük Menderes Valley, Dalaman stream, Aegean Sea and the region remaining in Babadağ, Bozdağ and Honaz Mountain in the West Pass as the territory of Caria. )Today, most ships from the Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea passing through the waters of Knidos. If you consider the conditions of that day, Knidos was a necessary port for ships moving by sail, rest, provide supplies, or buy trade goods. Because of its sheltered natural ports, it is also a port for shelter in bad weather.


It is located within the borders of the Datça district. It is located 25 km from Datça district center. Palamutbükü Coast is one of the longest beaches of Datça. It is also known as one of the most beautiful bays of Datça. The sea is quite clear and clean. Its beach is generally covered with pebbles. We recommend sea shoes. Mask, snorkel, pallet trio are recommended. You can take a short and beautiful walk to the Port of Palamutbuku, which is the stop point of the boats. By taking boat tours here, you can go for a ride to the nearby bays and other natural beauties. The port of Palamutbuku is a safe port for travelers by sea. Many people from Datça visit this place on the weekends to sit in restaurants, on the beach, and go to the sea.

Day 8Aktur Bay & Bencik Bay

Aktur Bay

Aktur Bay is one of the bays where pine forests and the sea meet in Datca, the first region of Turkey in terms of oxygen density, is one of the Paradise corners of our country. It has been registered in recent years as one of the most beautiful bays of our country. The bay, which has two beaches with blue flags, would be your first choice, especially if you like a cruise holiday. Aktur Bay is one of the bays where pine forests and the sea meet in Datca. It is one of the Paradise corners of our country. It has been registered in recent years as one of the most beautiful bays of our country. The bay has two beaches with blue flags, your first choice, especially if you like a cruise holiday.

Bencik Bay

Bencik Bay, which is located between Gökova Bay and Hisaronu Bay, has port decency. For this reason, it is one of the stopping points of boat tours and long blue cruises. Surrounded by lush pine forests, the bay is sheltered from strong winds, making it one of the most convenient places where boats can anchor for the night. Its forests extend from the sea and its calm sea, where you can swim for hours. The view of Bencik Bay, where you can spend the most peaceful times of your holiday, is a beauty that you would not erase from their memory. Bencik Bay, which makes you feel the calm and peaceful atmosphere of the Aegean until your bones, is waiting for you with its natural beauties.

Day 9Emel Sayin Bay – Orhaniye Bay – Selimiye Bay

Emel Sayin Bay

Emel Sayın Bay is one of the natural beauties where green and blue meet in Muğla. It also gets its name from Emel Sayın, who spends her holiday in Datça every year and sings songs at the almond Festival held in Datça. It hosts thousands of local and foreign tourists every year, the bay is one of the most popular bays of Marmaris.

Orhaniye Bay

Orhaniye has a heavenly beauty with its magnificent nature and panoramic view covered with pine forests. Orhaniye, famous for its historical ruins and castle, is frequented by those who want to make nature, sea, and historical trips. Hisaronu Bay, located in Orhaniye, is one of the most important yacht mooring ports. Blue tour boats on the Marmaris-Muğla Route use this place to spend the night. Tourists can experience a unique holiday experience with activities in the region. In Orhaniye, which resembles a lake surrounded by mountains, you can spend peaceful, calm, and away from the city’s noise.

Selimiye Bay

Selimiye Bay gives everything you can expect from a holiday with its sea, beach, ruins of the ancient city of Hydas, neighboring bays, and islands located around it. Although there are not many large beaches in green and dominated bays, its cleanliness and clarity are enough. Located on the Bozburun peninsula, this hidden paradise stands out with yacht tourism. At the same time, blue cruise boats prefer Selimiye to stay at night. History enthusiasts include many ancient cities and ruins of historical castles. In Selimiye, the city walls of the Hellenistic period, the Fener church, and the ruins of the ancient theater are also waiting for history enthusiasts.

Day 10Bozburun

Bozburun Peninsula is especially famous for yacht tourism and gulet shipyards. Traditional wooden gulet manufacturing is carried out here. Bozburun town has sheltered bays. Because of this feature, they host the boats in Bozburun during the winter season, repairs and maintenance are carried out. In summer, the entire Bozburun Peninsula is surrounded by boats. Yacht and boat tours organized in the region are of great interest to those exploring the surrounding bays. The upper half of Bozburun Peninsula has a mountainous and wooded structure with steep slopes rising from sheltered bays. The southern part consists of more barren and rocky areas. The southern part is filled with ruins, most of which are buried under the ground, half with castles that observe hidden valleys and hidden harbors. A small number of ruins belonging to the ancient city of Larymna are located on Asar Hill, a 45-minute walk away. It has an ideal structure, especially for hiking. You can visit the natural and historical parts of the region by trekking. The city walls and some tombstones are scattered around the place.

Day 11Dirsekbuku

Dirsekbükü Bay, connected to Marmaris, is a sheltered bay located southwest of Hisaronu Bay. Dirsekbükü, located just south of the cape of the pen, continues as a boot with its indentation turning to the west. Dirsekbükü Bay is almost the most sheltered bay in the region, no matter the weather conditions. But it takes breathing in strong northerly winds. Dirsekbükü Bay has no way and is such a virgin place that the bottom of Dirsekbükü Bay is entirely sand.

Because of its water, cleanliness of the sea, and sheltered nature, boats visit it. It is a route that is necessarily visited by blue cruise boats, especially. A recess Beach was formed on the south side of Dirsekbükü Bay. Fishing boats and boats of villagers who make Village Bread usually stop here. This place is very sheltered and beautiful. There is a facility at the end of the bay and a dock in front of the property. The south side of this dock collapsed, submerged. On the dock, from the side of a stone bread oven to a restaurant built on the mountain’s edge, which does not have electricity, roads, and water dominating the bay. The image is perfect. Bay bottom structure, maquis slopes, and refreshing air have made this place a very preferred place. In this bay, where the sea is also calm, you can do a holiday and relax.

Day 12Datça & Hayitbuku


Ancient Datca stands out both with its historical and natural beauties. Usually, houses have a single-story or two-story architecture. Narrow streets consisting of cobblestones and bougainvillea hanging from their balconies have created a breathtaking landscape. We especially recommend taking pictures on these streets. Postcard photos appear. There are shops and stalls where ornaments are sold at most points. You can watch Datca’s production live by coming across the women who made them famous pinch. Here you can buy souvenirs for your loved ones. These items, most of which are handmade, are sold by the inhabitants of the village.


Hayitbuku is one of the three beautiful bays of Mesudiye village where the green and blue meet with a beautiful visual. Located 19 km from the center of Datça, this village became a neighborhood today. Hayitbuku, a dish-shaped bay closed to the winds, is surrounded by mountains. This region experiences a climate that resembles the coolness of air conditioning even at the hottest time.

Day 13Mersincik Bay & Orak Island

Mersincik Bay

On the southern side of Datca, surrounded by forests, is the amazing Mersincik Bay. With yellow sand beaches and the clearest of blue waters, this is one of the yachting scene’s favorite stops in the area. The locals call it Mersincik Limanı, and you would enjoy plunging into these waters as you take a short respite from sailing.

Orak Island

Orak Island, located directly opposite Karıcık Bay, gets its name from its shape, which looks like a sickle. The Island, surrounded by crystal clear waters, is only 16 km from Bodrum. For this reason, it is busy with daily boat tours from Bodrum. It is also an excellent stop for blue cruises with its calm and ideal spot for diving enthusiasts. The clarity of the sea probably comes from the lack of settlement on the Island. Olive groves and pine trees on the Island’s slopes lie above the azure sea. Orak island, which has one of the most beautiful seas you can see in Muğla, also has many living varieties around it. It is the biggest reason that diving enthusiasts love this place. But it’s not just diving enthusiasts who love this place. Anyone who has seen this unique Island and the bays around it wants to come here again and again. The two sheltered bays around the Island, which admire those who see it with its perfect and azure sea, are very safe for accommodation, especially on blue cruises.

Day 14Papuç Burnu & Poyraz Bay

Papuc Burnu

Pabuçburnu, a bay in the Bodrum district of Muğla, is located about 10 km from Bodrum and gets its name from its resemblance to the nose of a shoe. Stagnant as a pool, the east coast is relatively safe for mooring Blue tour boats. Emerald-colored waters, lush, unique nature are frequented by those who want to spend their holiday in peace and calm. This village, where many of the sightseeing boats in Bodrum anchor, is quite fascinating with its azure waters and calm waters. In addition to swimming, diving, and enjoying the clear waters, it is also preferred for overnight stays.

Poyraz Bay

Located just outside Bodrum, this beautiful place is always windy. Poyraz means wind blowing from the Northeast. Because of this, this place was called Poyraz Bay. It has calm and relaxing wind all year. In summer, these winds are a blessing for visitors to the bay.

As you can see crystal clear water and different rock formations from the surface of the water, swimming and diving activities are also possible. Suitable for scuba diving, this bay displays great beauties and images underwater for all level divers. In addition, the bay is exceptionally rich in aquatic creatures, home to many species. Some of the species you may encounter during your dive include octopus, moray, starfish, sea sponges, and small fish species.

Day 15Bodrum (end of the tour)

After the unforgettable Blue Cruise Turkey, we sail back to Bodrum. It is a perfect time to visit this wonderful city and enjoy your time in Turkey. The ancient Carian civilization’s capital city was called Halicarnassus. The home of scholars and sailing men. The famous Carian king Mausolus built his tomb called Mausoleum and was one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. Today, all the monumental tombs are called ad Mausoleum, which derives from his tomb. However, only a tiny part of the tomb can be seen in Bodrum today. Bodrum houses the best well-preserved Medieval castle, which serves as a museum and has an underwater museum containing shipwrecks from the Aegean Sea. Bodrum is one of the best leading tourist attraction towns. The city lies along the Aegean Sea and has many neighborhoods for summer vacations.

Bodrum to Gokova and Hisaronu Blue Cruise Map

Bodrum to Gokova and Hisaronu Blue Cruise Map

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