Turkish Sailing Yachts

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turkish sailing yachts

A. Eser Sailing Yacht

Location: Bodrum
Max Guests: 6
Cabins: 3



All About You 2 Sailing Yacht

Location: Bodrum
Max Guests: 14
Cabins: 6



Angelo 2 Sailing Yacht

Location: Gocek
Max Guests: 14
Cabins: 7


aresteas gulet yacht

Aresteas Sailing Yacht

Location: Kos
Max Guests: 12
Cabins: 5


daima gulet yacht

Daima Sailing Yacht

Location: Bodrum
Max Guests: 10
Cabins: 5


glorious sailing gulet yacht

Glorious Sailing Yacht

Location: Rhodes
Max Guests: 8
Cabins: 4


patea sailing yacht turkey

Patea Sailing Yacht

Location: Marmaris
Max Guests: 8
Cabins: 4


ubi bene gulet

Ubi Bene Sailing Yacht

Location: Bodrum
Max Guests: 10
Cabins: 5



A how-to manual for all you need to know about yacht charters: The yacht charter section provides equipment and further information about your sailing trip.

Turkey’s proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea, as well as its location on the Turkish coast, make it one of the greatest blue-tour destinations. Turkey is one of the top vacation spots to think about because of this.

Tourists seeking the sun, stunning scenery, historical sites, and high standards of decency flock to Turkey. The many tourist attractions in southwestern Turkey have become popular due to frequent flights to international airports.

In the summer, numerous travelers visit areas like Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, and Gocek. These locations are all included in the Blue Tour itinerary.

Turkey is one of the greatest international possibilities for your upcoming trip because of its vibrant and hospitable culture. With its tranquil, turquoise waters in the eastern Mediterranean, Turkey is the ideal spot for your next journey.

The sixth-most popular tourist destination worldwide is Turkey. It has 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and this number is growing.

It is now clear why yacht routes are becoming more popular in the Turkish Sea. Turkey is the world’s top producer of contemporary superyachts and opulent gulets, boasting the most reputable shipyards. Choose from a variety of options, including classic Turkish gulets, luxurious motor boats, luxurious sailing yachts, cabin charters, and private yacht charters.

The luxurious Blue Tour in Turkey offers a variety of tour alternatives to suit any traveler. During the full-day yacht cruises, you can visit a historical village like St. Nicholas Island that has seen history, travel to a historic location like a hidden bay, or find hidden bays.

Your entire trip to Turkey would be an unforgettable journey, whatever you decide to do. With a private boat charter, every time you go out, you have a fresh, pleasurable, and unforgettable experience.

Prepare to go on a blue trip to Turkey, where you won’t be able to discover your soul mate among the picturesque villages and distinctive ultra-luxurious decks. Turkey might surprise you instead by allowing you to see historical monuments while living in peace, taking part in water sports, and simply roaming the streets.


Traditional sailing yachts are created in many factories across the world so that they can have various designs. This has led to the creation of both contemporary gulets and traditional sailing yacht designs. These yachts do share two characteristics, though: they are all 30 meters long, and at least one of them is a sailboat.

Sailing yachts that were expressly designed with rental or private cruising in mind are another typical feature. This explains why they often construct them in order and why different decks created in the same location vary so greatly from one another.


The size, design, and shape of a luxury sailing yacht charter might vary. However, sailing yachts are the foundation of maritime history. Today’s top-of-the-line luxury sailing yachts represent engineering, design, performance, and comfort.

Power for luxury sailing yachts comes from both the wind and the engine. They become economical, cost-effective, and environmentally beneficial as a result. Solar-powered engines have taken the place of ancient engines thanks to modern technologies.

Hydro engines, which harness the power of the ocean’s natural flow to produce electricity, have nevertheless developed despite more recent advancements.

So the finest and most cost-effective method to enjoy the water and the coast is to charter a luxury yacht.

Let’s say you want to experience luxury sailing on a yacht to the fullest. You’ll then have a variety of options from which to choose.

We cover every feature of each of these opulent sailing decks in our listing, so you can decide which one best meets your needs. As a result, you begin your vacation by selecting the sailboat that will make you the happiest.


It will undoubtedly pale in comparison to the opulence of a stateroom on a luxury yacht. Your view, however, is directly in the midst of the water, in contrast to the sea view opposite the hotel.

Some suites have wall-sized windows, extra-large beds, and spacious wardrobes, which are hallmarks of every boat designer. Even two-room suites offer possibilities.

The yacht’s length is most easily distinguished by the fact that when it increases, either the number of rooms that can accommodate more visitors or the room’s width does as well.

Turkish yachts come in a variety of sizes, but don’t let their small stature mislead you—some of the smallest ships are actually quite comfortable and stylish.

You can select what you want from a large range of possibilities with distinctly various decorative styles, such as Louis XIV, Scandinavian, and eclectic.

Many decks can accommodate 8 to 12 people (or more). It may have several master cabins. There are many VIP suites in some alternatives.

As one of the top charter companies, we’re pleased to assist you in finding a boat that meets your precise requirements among the numerous boats available for sailing in Turkey.

Introduction to Turkish Sailing Yachts

Turkey has a long history of marine trade and is a land of stunning natural beauty. Turkish sailing ships are one of the most popular things for tourists and sailing fans to do because the country has beautiful blue waters and a beautiful coastline.

Yacht Tour Turkey

Discovering the Turkish Coastline

A boat tour in Turkey provides a rare chance to see the stunning coastline, which is filled with remote coves, historic sites, and charming fishing communities. There are many ways to go on a yacht cruise, from private charters to guided tours, so there is one for every taste and budget.

Highlights of Yacht Tours in Turkey

Ephesus, Kekova, a sunken city, and Ölüdeniz’s gorgeous beaches are just a few of the top sights you’ll see while on a yacht tour of Turkey. The welcoming Turkish hospitality and delicious food offered on board only serve to enhance these unique experiences.

Luxury Blue Cruise Turkey

What is a Blue Cruise?

A “Blue Journey,” also referred to as a “Blue Cruise,” is a special sailing excursion around the Turkish coastline that blends luxury, adventure, and leisure. Most of these cruises take place on traditional Turkish gulets, which give tourists a comfortable and authentic way to see some of the most beautiful places along Turkey’s coast.

Experience the Ultimate Luxury

Luxury Blue Cruise Turkey gives you a high-end sailing trip that meets all your needs. These cruises have customized itineraries, delicious dining options, and top-notch amenities that are meant to help guests make memories that will last a lifetime against the beautiful backdrop of the Turkish Riviera.

Sailing Yacht Charter Turkey

Types of Sailing Yachts for Charter

Turkish sailing boat charters come in a variety of styles, from modern monohulls to roomy catamarans and ancient gulets. You can choose the best yacht for your trip to Turkey from the many different kinds. Each type of yacht has its benefits and way of sailing.

Why Charter a Sailing Yacht in Turkey?

By renting a sailing yacht, you can go at your own pace along Turkey’s beautiful coast. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a first-time traveler, you’ll appreciate the freedom to choose your course and itinerary while lounging on your private yacht and taking in the sun and water.

Turkish Yacht

Gulet Yachts

History of Gulet Yachts

Gulet yachts are traditional wooden sailing boats from Turkey that have been used for sponge diving and fishing for centuries.

With their unique shape, wide beam, rounded tail, and large aft deck, these boats, which are made by hand, are perfect for sailing slowly along the beautiful Turkish coast.

Modern Gulet Yachts

Gulet boats have changed over time to become luxurious sailing ships with modern amenities and cozy places to stay. Several gulets offer private bathrooms, large salons, and even deck jacuzzis. These ships provide the perfect environment for a tranquil and genuine sailing experience in Turkey.

Motor Yachts

Another popular way to explore the Turkish coastline is on a motor yacht. You can travel farther and stop at more places on your yacht vacation thanks to these svelte, strong vessels’ speed and luxury. Motor yachts offer a chic sailing experience because of their opulent facilities and cutting-edge technology.

Luxury Blue Voyage Turkey

Planning Your Blue Voyage

It’s important to take your preferred itinerary, the size of your company, and your budget into account while organizing your luxury blue journey in Turkey.

By tailoring your blue cruise to your unique wants and tastes, working with a professional yacht charter company may help you create an experience that will be unforgettable.

Popular Itineraries and Destinations

Aegean Sea Itinerary


An extremely popular starting point for a blue cruise is the lively town of Bodrum, which is well-known for its historical sites and exciting nightlife. Before sailing off to explore the local islands and bays, you can visit the ancient Mausoleum of Halicarnassus and the medieval Bodrum Castle here.


Another thriving seaside city, Marmaris, is renowned for its stunning marina and pristine waters. Excellent swimming, snorkeling, and watersports options are available at this location, which also has a vibrant ambiance with many bars and restaurants.

Turquoise Coast Itinerary


The lovely harbor town of Fethiye is a great place to start your exploration of the Turquoise Coast. Before setting sail along the magnificent coastline, explore the ancient rock tombs of Lycian monarchs or take a quick boat ride to the picturesque Butterfly Valley.


The popular resort city of Antalya offers a unique blend of culture, history, and scenic beauty. Before setting out on your blue adventure, make sure to stop by the spectacular Düden Waterfalls and the historic city of Perge.

Turkey is the perfect location for a sailing experience because of its captivating coastline, which is rich in history and natural beauty. No matter if you choose a traditional Turkish gulet, a modern sailing yacht, or a luxury motor yacht for your yacht tour or sumptuous blue journey in Turkey, you are sure to have a great time. 

Turkish Sailing: Explore the Wonders of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas

Turkey is a popular destination for sailors from all over the world because of its clean coastline and clear waters. Turkey’s long history, colorful culture, and breathtaking landscapes are the reasons why sailing there has become so popular.

The different facets of sailing in Turkey, such as Turkish summer sailing, yacht cruises, and sailing vacations, will be covered in this article.

Turkey Sailing

Sailing in Turkey

The diversified coastline of Turkey, which is home to hidden beaches, historic sites, and quaint fishing communities, can be explored through sailing. The main places to sail are along the coasts of the Aegean and the Mediterranean, and each has its personality and attractions.

Turkish Summer Sailing

Because of the pleasant, bright weather that lasts from May to October, Turkish summer sailing is a favorite among both visitors and locals. Ideal sailing conditions, suitable for both seasoned sailors and novices, are provided by the calm seas and light winds.

Turkish Sailboat

Typically, a Turkish sailboat is made up of a “gulet,” a traditional wooden boat. These boats are the ideal option for a leisurely and delightful sailing experience since they mix comfort and elegance with modern facilities.

Turkish Sailing Boat

In addition to gulets, many different kinds of sailing boats can be rented in Turkey. There is a Turkish sailing boat to fit any sailor’s needs and tastes, from monohulls to catamarans.

Yacht Cruise Turkey

Types of Yachts

Gulet Yachts

Turkish artisans handcraft gulet yachts, which are traditional wooden sailing boats. Depending on the size of the vessel, they come in a variety of sizes and can hold anywhere from 6 to 24 passengers.

Luxury Yachts

Turkey’s luxury ships provide the pinnacle of sailing. These contemporary boats provide the best amenities, such as roomy cabins, private toilets, and cutting-edge navigation systems.

Yacht Chartering

A yacht can be used to explore the Turkish coast, giving visitors the chance to plan their ideal sailing trip. Turkey has a large number of yacht charter businesses that provide a variety of boats, from low-cost alternatives to high-end luxury yachts.

Sailing Vacations

Popular Destinations

Aegean Coast

Turkey’s Aegean Coast is renowned for its historical landmarks, scenic islands, and crystal-clear waters. Bodrum, Marmaris, and Fethiye are a few of the well-known vacation spots in this area.

Along the Aegean coastline, other must-see locations include the historic city of Ephesus and the renowned Blue Lagoon in Lüdeniz.

Mediterranean Coast

The Turquoise Coast, which is also called the Mediterranean Coast, is known for its beautiful beaches and colorful seaside towns.

Antalya, Kas, and Kalkan are a few of the well-liked vacation spots. See the submerged city of Kekova and the ancient Lycian ruins at Xanthos.

Planning Your Vacation

Budget and Duration

When planning a sailing trip in Turkey, you should think about your budget and how long you want to stay. Turkish sailing and yacht charters can be as cheap as a week-long trip or as luxurious as a month-long trip.

Best Time to Sail

Typically, between May and October, when the weather is nice and the seas are calm, is the best time to go sailing in Turkey. Yet, if you want a more sedate and uncrowded experience, think about going between April and November.

Choosing a Yacht or Sailboat

The best yacht or sailboat for your sailing trip in Turkey will depend on your preferences, your spending limit, and the size of your group.

Before making a choice, take into account elements like the number of cabins, the amenities on board, and the sailing capabilities of the vessel.

The beauty of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas is combined with Turkey’s rich history and culture to create an unforgettable sailing experience.

A sailing trip in Turkey is certain to leave you with priceless memories, whether you’re visiting ancient sites, touring the lively coastal cities, or unwinding on a quiet beach. So set sail on an unforgettable Turkish sailing tour and chart a path for adventure!

Turkey Sailing Charter

Sailing Destinations in Turkey

Turkey is a lovely sailing destination with many scenic locales to discover. Two of them stand out as the most well-liked:

The Turquoise Coast

The Turkish Riviera, commonly referred to as the Turquoise Coast, runs the length of Turkey’s southern coast. It provides picturesque coastal communities, undiscovered coves, and extremely pure waters.

Along the Turquoise Coast, Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, and Antalya are a few of the well-known locations.

The Greek Islands

From Turkey, you can take sailing tours to the nearby Greek Islands, where you can learn about their interesting history, unique architecture, and lively culture. Rhodes, Kos, and Symi are popular Greek islands that travelers from Turkey like to visit.

Types of Yacht Charters in Turkey

Turkey offers a variety of yacht charter options, including:

Gulet Charters

A gulet is a traditional Turkish wooden sailing vessel. Gulet charters are a wonderful opportunity to take in the stunning coastline and real Turkish hospitality.

Luxury Motor Yacht Charters

People who like power and speed can have a more luxurious and enjoyable time on a luxury motor yacht. These ships often have a skilled crew that offers excellent service and custom itineraries.

Catamaran Charters

Catamarans are a well-liked option due to their stability, comfort, and space. They’re perfect for groups or families who want to take their time discovering Turkey’s islands and coasts.

Bareboat Charters

Sailors with experience might choose bareboat charters, where they can captain their boat and plan their route. By choosing this option, you can explore Turkey’s waterways with more independence and flexibility.

Sailboat Turkey

Sailboat Options

In Turkey, there are primarily two types of sailboats that can be rented:

Monohull Sailboats

The single hull of a traditional monohull sailboat brings you closer to the water and gives you a more traditional sailing experience.

Catamaran Sailboats

On the other hand, catamaran sailboats have two parallel hulls that provide more stability and room. They are therefore a fantastic option for families or larger groups.

Tips for Choosing a Sailboat in Turkey

The following elements should be taken into account while choosing a sailboat for your Turkish adventure:

Size and Comfort

Choose a sailboat that has room for your group’s size and allows for plenty of rest and mingling.

Destination and Route

While choosing a sailboat, take into account the routes and destinations you want to visit. Some ships are more appropriate for particular locations or climates.


Set a budget for your sailing trip and choose a sailboat that fits that budget, taking into account extra costs like food and port fees.

Blue Cruise Luxury

What is a Blue Cruise?

A Blue Cruise in Turkey is a unique sailing experience that combines leisurely cruising along the beautiful coast with trips to interesting historical sites, quaint villages, and breathtaking natural treasures.

Luxury Blue Cruise Experiences

A sumptuous and wonderfully unforgettable experience is taking the deluxe Blue Cruise, which offers:

Onboard Amenities

You can count on first-rate onboard amenities like roomy staterooms, ensuite bathrooms, air conditioning, and fine furnishings.

Even luxuries like jacuzzis, water toys, and cutting-edge entertainment systems are available on certain luxury yachts.

Culinary Delights

Enjoy fine dining made by your chef with fresh ingredients from the area and a range of Turkish and international dishes. To enhance your meal experience, you can also arrange for premium wines and beverages.

Unique Itineraries

With personalized itineraries created specifically for you by Luxury Blue Cruises, you can discover undiscovered treasures and upscale locations.

Tips for Planning a Luxury Blue Cruise

Take into account the following advice to get the most out of your opulent Blue Cruise:

Booking Early

Since there is a lot of demand for luxury yachts, making a reservation as soon as possible will make sure that you get the boat and dates you want.

Researching Yachts and Crews

Take your time looking into the different yachts and their crews to find the one that meets all of your needs and expectations.

Personalizing Your Itinerary

Whether you want to focus on historical sites, water sports, or just relaxing, work with your charter operator to make a customized plan that fits your interests.

Turkey has many different kinds of sailing trips, from traditional gulet charters to luxurious Blue Cruises. Turkey is without a doubt one of the best places to sail because of its beautiful coastlines, fascinating history, and welcoming people.

You can choose the best sailing trip in Turkey based on your preferences, how much you want to spend, and where you want to go. 

Turkish Yacht Charter

Have you ever wanted to cruise around Turkey’s stunning coastline? A Turkish yacht rental is a wonderful way to experience the country’s breathtaking coastline scenery and fully immerse yourself in the region’s rich history and culture.

The greatest sailing routes in Turkey, what to anticipate from a blue cruise charter, and advice on selecting the ideal yacht for your voyage are all covered in this guide, which will give you all the information you need to make your ideal vacation a reality.

Best Sailing Routes in Turkey

The Turquoise Coast

One of the most well-liked sailing locations in the world is the Turkish Riviera, popularly referred to as the Turquoise Coast. It spans from Turkey’s southwest coast to the Greek border and offers the ideal combination of scenic beaches, verdant forests, and historic sites.

Along this path, Fethiye, Göcek, Kaş, and Kalkan are a few must-see locations.

The Greek Islands

Intriguing fusions of Turkish and Greek culture, history, and food can be found on the Greek Islands, which are just off the coast of Turkey.

These stunning islands, like Rhodes, Symi, and Kos, are frequently visited by Turkish yacht charters. This route presents a special chance to visit two distinct nations and cultures on one journey.

The Lycian Coast

The UNESCO World Heritage Site at Xanthos is just one of the many ancient ruins and archaeological sites that can be seen along the Lycian Coast, a beautiful sailing route.

Along this coast, which goes from Fethiye to Antalya, you can see signs of the Lycian culture that used to be strong in the area.

Blue Cruise Charter Turkey

Choosing Your Blue Cruise

The Turkish coastline can be explored on a luxury yacht on a blue cruise. These cruises often range from four days to two weeks, giving you time to explore the region’s undiscovered attractions.

When selecting a blue cruise, think about the itinerary, the kind of boat, the degree of service, and the amenities offered.

Blue Cruise Itinerary

You can make the schedule of a blue cruise fit your interests and preferences. You can choose to go to the Lycian Coast, the Greek Islands, or the Turquoise Coast.

To make your trip memorable, it’s important to research and talk with your charter company about the stops and activities you want to do.

Charter Yacht Turkey

Types of Yachts

In Turkey, you can rent motor yachts, sailing yachts, catamarans, and traditional Turkish gulets, among other types of yachts.

When choosing a yacht type, it’s important to think about what you want and how much money you have, since each one offers a different experience and set of amenities.

How to Choose the Right Yacht

Consider aspects like the number of people, your chosen sailing style, the level of luxury, and your budget when selecting the ideal yacht for your Turkish charter.

Also, it’s important to look at the yacht’s crew, how experienced they are, and what extra services or perks they offer.

Yacht in Turkish

Turkish Yacht Features

Turkish yachts, especially the classic gulets, stand out from other types of yachts because they have their personality and charm. Gulets are gorgeous wooden boats with big decks, cozy cabins, and a warm atmosphere.

These boats often have designs and decorations that are typical of Turkey. This gives visitors an authentic experience.

Turkish Yacht Experience

A Turkish yacht charter is a unique and unforgettable experience that brings together luxury, leisure, and adventure.

Try some delicious Turkish food, do some water sports, or just relax on the terrace and take in the beautiful views. The kind staff will take care of all of your needs and make sure that your trip is one to remember.

Turkey Sailing Routes

Weather and Timing

Turkey’s sailing season runs from May to October when the weather is pleasant and bright and rain is at a minimum.

June, July, and August are the hottest months of the year, whereas spring and fall have more bearable temperatures. To ensure a nice sailing experience, make sure to research the particular environment of your selected itinerary.

Essential Tips for Sailing in Turkey

When sailing in Turkey, it’s very important to know the local customs, laws, and rules. Make sure you have the required paperwork and permissions, and educate yourself on the maritime regulations in your area.

Also, it’s a good idea to learn a few fundamental Turkish phrases to improve your relationships with locals.

Blue Cruise Charter

Booking a Blue Cruise

The process of making a blue cruise reservation in Turkey is simple. Start by investigating trustworthy boat charter businesses and contrasting their services, costs, and testimonials.

Once you’ve chosen the ideal yacht and itinerary, get in touch with the provider to check on availability and complete your reservation. To avoid unpleasant surprises, make sure to inquire about any additional expenses like gasoline or tips.

Inclusions and Exclusions

Blue Cruise charter packages frequently include lodging, meals, and entry-level watersports gear. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to thoroughly go over the package’s inclusions and exclusions.

Alcoholic beverages, port charges, and certain excursions may be excluded from some packages, while all-inclusive choices may be available in others.

A luxury, historical, and scenic boat charter in Turkey is an amazing journey. You can select the ideal experience to meet your needs and preferences from a selection of sailing routes and vessel types.

Start preparing for the trip of a lifetime by making today the day you start organizing your ideal getaway.

Turkey Sailing Tour: Discover the Best Sailing Routes and Vacations

A Turkish sailing cruise is an ideal vacation if you’ve ever wanted to explore the clear seas of the Mediterranean or the Aegean Sea.

Spectacular coastlines, charming seaside towns, and a rich cultural past may all be found in Turkey. The greatest sailing routes and advice for an amazing sailing vacation in Turkey are covered in this post.

Why Choose Turkey for Your Sailing Vacation?

Natural Beauty

The coastline of Turkey is endowed with a variety of stunning vistas. The varied terrain offers an unforgettable backdrop for your sailing journey, from calm harbors to rocky coves.

Excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities can be found in the clear, abundant waters.

Rich Cultural History

The history and cultural heritage of Turkey are rich. Ancient ruins, majestic temples, and historically significant locations can all be seen when sailing along its coastline.

An opportunity to fully immerse oneself in the rich tapestry of tales that span millennia is a sailing vacation in Turkey.

Delicious Cuisine

A sailing trip in Turkey wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t try some of the delicious local food. A mouthwatering variety of meze, fresh fish, and tasty meat dishes are waiting for you at every port in Turkey, which offers a gastronomic experience that is both varied and delicious.

Popular Sailing Routes Around Turkey

The Turquoise Coast

The Turquoise Coast, sometimes called the Turkish Riviera, is a breathtaking section of shoreline that stretches from Antalya to Fethiye.

On this sailing route, you’ll go by small coastal towns, private harbors, and historic sites. Attractions include the beautiful Butterfly Valley, the bustling town of Kas, and the submerged city of Kekova.

The Aegean Coast

Along its length, the Aegean Sea has a wide range of busy harbors, quiet anchorages, and interesting ancient sites. Along this trip, the historic city of Ephesus, the cute fishing village of Datca, and the luxurious resort city of Bodrum are all important stops.

The Black Sea Coast

While less popular, the Black Sea Coast is a beautiful sailing path. You pass through verdant greenery, charming fishing communities, and interesting historical places on this excursion.

Apart from the conventional tourist route, places like Sinop, Samsun, and Trabzon provide a real Turkish experience.

Preparing for Your Turkey Sailing Vacation

Best Time to Sail in Turkey

In Turkey, May through October are the best months for sailing because of the bright, sunny weather and temperatures that range from 70°F to 90°F (21°C to 32°C).

These months are perfect for a slow-paced vacation because sailing conditions are usually calm and easy to plan for.

Essential Items to Pack

Make sure to bring the following necessities before setting out on your Turkey sailing adventure:

For warm days, wear light, breathable clothing.

During chilly evenings, wear a windproof jacket and warmer layers.

Swimwear with a towel that dries quickly

A wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen

shoes with traction for deck use

a water-resistant backpack for electronics

snacks and a reusable water bottle

Basic first-aid supplies

An app or phrasebook in Turkish will facilitate communication with the natives.

travel papers, such as your passport and any necessary visas.

Selecting the Best Yacht

It’s important to choose the right yacht for your sailing trip. Take into account elements like the size of your group, your sailing expertise, and your financial situation.

Choices include opulent catamarans and gulets as well as modest, private sailboats. Many yacht charter companies provide skippered or crewed solutions if you are not an experienced sailor to guarantee a hassle-free trip.

Tips for an Unforgettable Sailing Vacation in Turkey

Learn Basic Sailing Skills

Even if you don’t need to be an expert sailor to enjoy a sailing trip in Turkey, knowing some fundamental sailing knowledge will help. Learn the terms, knots, and safety precautions involved in sailing before you set sail.

Be Mindful of Local Regulations

Turkey has special rules for sailors, like making sure they have the right paperwork and not being able to anchor in certain places. When you start your sailing trip, be sure you are familiar with these rules to avoid any misunderstandings.

Respect the Environment

Remember to be a responsible sailor while you tour Turkey’s unspoiled bays and coastlines. Use eco-friendly goods, dispose of waste appropriately, and reduce your impact on the maritime environment.

Turkey is a great place to sail if you want to see beautiful scenery, learn about different cultures, and have exciting adventures.

You can make sure your sailing trip in this beautiful country is one you’ll never forget by choosing the right route, getting ready well, and listening to important advice. 

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