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What Should You Take With You on Your Yacht Charter Holiday?

Comprehensive Checklist To Consider

You are now all set for your yacht rental. You put your name on the paper. You are now making plans for the holidays. At this point, we think it would be helpful for you to read this piece. We’ve also put together a full Get List for you under the key categories.


First, you should think about how many people will be on the boat and how big it is. Even though yachts are big, they don’t have to have a lot of storage room. So please keep this in mind as you pack your things.


Summer is a great time to be near the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. But if you rent in the spring, the nights can be a bit cooler. So, if you plan to go out at night, you can bring small jackets with you. Also, people on boats wear clothes that are pretty comfortable. So, we suggest that you bring T-shirts and shorts that you feel good in, and of course, your swimsuit is the most important thing to bring.


Usually, no shoes are worn on the boat. But we suggest you don’t wear socks or shoes that could make you fall on a wet floor. If you don’t want to walk barefoot on the boat, you can bring clean shoes with rubber soles that won’t slip on wet Juliette. Besides the boat, you can bring sneakers or shoes for trips around the city.


You can bring sunglasses, sun visors, hats, sunscreen creams, mosquito spray, and anything else you get when you go on vacation, including extra makeup accessories. We suggest you bring the things you want.


If you have it, you can bring your diving gear. First, you should find out what’s going on on the boat, like if compressed air is being used. Some of our guests bring water skis, bikes, and other sports gear. But again, the most important thing is the size and storage space of the yacht.

Electronic Instruments

We suggest you bring your phones, computers, headphones, and any other electronics you like to have with you.


If you take medicines every day, don’t forget to bring them with you. If your diet has special needs, you should talk to the cook or us before bringing what you need.

Official Documents

Don’t forget to bring your passports, international driver’s licenses, and scuba diving licenses.

What not to pack

Please don’t bring expensive jewelry or other things that you don’t want to get broken. It could get broken in a setting with seawater.

Choices for Yacht Charters

Don’t forget that no request is too far away.

When you rent a luxury boat, you open yourself up to a world of possibilities. If you’ve chosen to go sailing, you should tell us all your needs, wants, and dreams. Your yacht rental specialist will send you a page where you can write down everything you need to make your trip more fun.

List of specific requests and likes

Your yacht charter expert would try to find yachts that meet your needs and wants. At this point, the captain and team would have a direct link to your list of preferences. So, to find the best yacht for you, you need to put everything on the preference page about your medical needs, dietary needs, sports activities, and wellness needs.

Insurance and medical conditions

If you have allergies or a medical situation that needs treatment, you should tell the boat crew and us ahead of time. Even though our yachts are insured, we suggest that you get travel insurance for things like accidents, lost items outside the yacht, discomfort, cancellation insurance, etc.

The menu made just for you

With a private yacht charter service, one of the perks is that you have a chef who is there just for you. This professional chef is very skilled and has at least a few years of experience cooking for a wide range of tastes. You can also talk to the cook before leaving the port to make sure you have all the food you need.


Make sure the captain knows if anyone on the plane needs help. The crew must know how to handle disabled people, including those who need a wheelchair or other special medical equipment. Most boats can’t lift a wheelchair, so we need to know ahead of time.

Dreams really happen.

Don’t forget that no request is too hard to fulfill. A budget for October might not be needed to meet all of the needs. We have everything you need. During a luxury yacht rental vacation, it’s our job to make any dream come true.

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