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What Should You Take With You on Your Yacht Charter Holiday?

Comprehensive Checklist To Consider

You have completed your yacht charter reservation. You signed the contract. Now you’re getting ready for the holidays. At this point, we recommend you to read this article to help you. In addition, we have created a comprehensive Get List for you under the main headings.


First, you should consider the size of the yacht you are renting and the number of passengers. Yachts, even if they are large, can keep their storage space restricted. So please consider this when preparing your belongings.


The Mediterranean and Aegean seas offer a great climate in summer. But if your rental is in spring, the weather can cool a little at night. So if you plan to be out at night, you can take thin jackets with you. Besides, Life on the boat lasts with quite comfortable clothes. So we recommend you to take T-shirts and shorts that you are comfortable in, and of course, the essential part is your swimsuits.


The yacht is usually barefoot. However, we recommend you stay away from slippers and shoes that may cause you to slip on a wet floor. If you don’t want to walk barefoot on the boat, you can bring clean slippers with rubber soles that don’t slip on wet Juliette. Apart from the boat, you can bring comfortable sneakers or sandals for trips in the city.


You can bring sunglasses, sun visors, hats, sunscreen creams, mosquito spray, and all you receive when you go on vacation, including additional cosmetic auxiliaries. We recommend you bring the desired accessories.


If you have any, you can bring your diving equipment, first check what is happening on the yacht, such as compressed air. We have guests who bring water skis and other sporting goods, even bicycles. But again, Yacht size and storage areas are the essential factor in this.

Electronic Instruments

We recommend you bring your smartphones, tablets, headphones, and other electronic devices that you prefer to keep with you.


If you have medications that you use regularly, be sure to take them with you. If you have special dietary requirements related to your diet, contact the chef or us before bringing what you need.

Official Documents

Don’t forget to bring your passports, International Driving License, and scuba diving certificates.

What not to bring

Please do not bring expensive jewelry or items that you are worried about being damaged. It could be damaged in the seawater environment.



Remember, No Request Is Too Far Out Of Reach

When you decide to rent a luxury yacht, you gain access to a world of unlimited options. If you have decided, you are when, sailing, you need to write us all your needs, wishes and dreams. Your yacht charter specialist sends you a preference page that allows you to list everything you need to make your holiday more enjoyable.


List of particular preferences and requests

Your yacht charter specialist would try to find yacht options that match your demands and needs. At this point, your preference list would be directly linked to the captain and crew. So to find the yacht that suits you best, you need to list everything about all medical requirements, dietary requirements, sports activities, and wellness requirements on the preference page.


Insurance and medical conditions

Any allergies and a medical condition requiring treatment should be notified to the boat crew and us in advance. Although our yachts are insured, cases such as accidents, external lost goods, discomfort, cancellation insurance, etc., we recommend you take out your travel insurance for issues.


Personalized Menu

One of the advantages of a luxury yacht charter service is that you have a dedicated chef. This highly skilled and professional chef comes with at least a few years of cooking experience for a wide variety of flavors. In addition, you can speak to the chef in person before leaving the port to make sure all your food needs are stocked.



If one of the passengers is disabled, make sure the captain knows this. The crew must know how to travel with disabled passengers; this includes a wheelchair and unique medical devices. Most yachts cannot lift a wheelchair, so you must inform us in advance.


Dreams Are Real

Remember, no request is too far out of reach. An October budget may be required to meet only some demands. We can provide everything. It’s our job to make any dream come true on a luxury yacht charter holiday.

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