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Luxury Boat Holidays in Turkey

When you are looking for a themed yacht charter service and tailor-made holidays in Turkey such as luxury gulet charter,  you need professional support entirely in line with your tastes and interests. It takes complete professionalism from hundreds of boats and destinations to find a decidedly good yacht that matches your personal needs. We plan blue cruises for you in the most professional way, organized according to your likes and wishes. Thus, you can be sure that a themed yacht charter service can make your experience exceptional.

Luxury Yacht Charter is the ideal holiday form where you can determine your route and make discoveries. From an adventure trip, wild hunting trip, honeymoon, and anniversary packages, from themed sports to water sports on the yachts in Turkey.

Tailor-made holidays on, this job guarantee a successful cruising pleasure with its dedicated team.

We can transform your experience into a themed yacht holiday by offering different events in different themes. So for this holiday, you can ensure that they can fully provide all your requirements.



Archaeological Blue Voyage

Do You Want To Go On Time Travel?

How about traveling through time with a time machine. You can visit the turquoise coastline where the remains of centuries-old civilizations lived in this geography once upon a time. These bays are ready to embrace you, as they were when they embraced these people. The archaeological tour can be a cruising guide that enriches your life. It would be from the original ancient beauty of the coastline to attractive coves full of archaeological wonders.

This time travel can help you capture the rich moments of history by reaching the oldest ruins and places on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.

It is possible to explore the ancient ruins of many civilizations, enriched with civilizations from 2000 B.C to the present. Located on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, experience the exciting history lying under the clear waters of turquoise color. If you want, you can visit the rock tombs of Dalyan Kaunos, and if you want, you can see the sunken city in Kekova. In addition, you can experience the traditional fishing town of Kas by walking its narrow streets.

Please get in touch with us to explore archaeological wonders you’ve never seen before with a gulet.


Culinary and Gourmet Tours

Transform your culinary taste into a unique sensory experience that combines the invigorating kitchen of a yacht. Watch a fishing trip in the calm waters of the Mediterranean or Adriatic in the afternoon as our seasoned local chefs make it a taste sensation!

Learn Classic Anatolian and Ottoman cuisine and experience the freshness that seasonal ingredients leave on your palate. Expand your cooking knowledge by learning the local ingredients and local dishes used—experience both new and classic Turkish culture cuisines in Turkey.

In the Greek islands and Adriatic, enjoy local dishes made with traditional appetizers, fresh seafood.


Yacht Charter for Wedding and Honeymoon

Make Your Wedding Perfect By Renting A Yacht.

In the most pristine and picturesque environments of the Blue Sea and the rising green, what better experience than to enter into an eternal bond of love and love with your partner?

Experience this magic with us on our wedding journeys, specially designed to add extra pleasure to the most memorable moment of your life. Then, continue the excitement of your journey with a honeymoon trip and enjoy your romantic journey as a newlywed couple!

If you want, we can arrange multiple yachts to travel with your family and guests onboard. From a luxury trip to a romantic honeymoon, we can help you plan everything at the best prices!

Start your new life with love, fun, laughter, spectacular views, and just-for-you. Then, tap into the reality of the ultimate holiday dream on your romantic and honeymoon trip.


Corporate Yacht Charter

If You’re Looking For Ways To Influence Your Customers Or Team.

A rich and famous ultra yacht anchors in the Gulf of the exotic Aegean port, and the sun shines on the sea’s surface with thousands of different reflections. Or maybe the moon accompanies your glittering yacht, where you dock in the waters of the Gulf. Great music in the background, quality drinks, delicious food, the elegant crew at your service.

Most managers and organizers don’t think of yachts as a business venue. So it is since they do not know the diversity and possibilities of today’s luxury yachts.

Today, we give up all this misperception because modern yachts are capable of serving all your needs.

– Facilities for your business on a Modern rental yacht include :

– Presentation Equipment

– Official and informal meeting places

– Wi-Fi

– Refreshments offered by the yacht team at your meetings and conferences

After the meetings and conferences are over, your guests and participants can stay on the boat, participate in it. If you have prepared a corporate event, you can start your holiday after the meeting and stay on the boat.


Executive meetings and professional conferences

It is a fact that meetings held to build a strong team, gain the support of your managers, and create the right connections can be made much more efficient by selecting the appropriate environment.

When planning a small professional conference, you don’t need to venture into substantial conference rooms and hotel decking efforts. Instead, you can present your conference in a more unique and more intimate environment. You can book a yacht that offers large enough corporate service for your participants and gets rid of mediocrity with the facilities that only a luxury yacht can provide.

Suppose you want to show your company’s strengths or impress new investors at a board meeting. What could be a more iconic option than holding this meeting on a luxury yacht?

Now, step out of a standard meeting room and enjoy this experience with your colleagues.


Corporate Hospitality And Entertainment

There can be no better option than renting a yacht to welcome your customers, investors, the protocol you want to impress. And your VIP guests on a luxury yacht and make them have fun. In this way, the satisfaction and return you provide would overshadow every place you have tried before.

Another option you can rent a yacht is to ensure that guests arrive at their destination in style in large organizations related to sports or fashion events. While your guests feel unique with the junkiness of comfort and quality, it remains for you to experience the comfort and luxury of the yacht after the event.


Team building and staff incentives

Many managers now understand the importance of turning to productivity-enhancing incentives for their staff. Yacht trips are the perfect solution in this regard and the intimate environment needed to establish a solid team relationship. A corporate yacht course helps decouple stronger bonds between you and your employees.


Adventure Tour

Hidden Havens Accessible Only By Sea.

With Blue Cruise adventure tours, you can explore every color of nature in untouched bays. And experience adventures that you can’t get enough to tell your loved ones. You can experience insatiable adventures with high adrenaline by participating in scuba-scuba diving, mountain walking, windsurfing, mountaineering, rafting, rock climbing, jeep safari, water skiing, cave tours, or paragliding activities when your yacht moors in the bays,

The Aegean and Mediterranean bays, which have hosted humankind for thousands of years, are now hosting nature and adventure enthusiasts.



Yoga and Pilates Tours

Yacht Charter can surprise you with its variety of activities. These activities range from adrenaline-laden sports to relaxing and purifying meditation, aromatherapy, and yoga. There is no absolute limit to what you can claim during a luxury yacht holiday; all you have to do is contact us. But, of course, it is our primary duty to offer the holiday you want in total.

Below you can find a variety of sports equipment already available on the yacht or, for special requests, specially offered, as well as activities to be done on the boat for wellness and maintenance. All you have to do is ask in advance for details about this topic. In addition, we provide you information all about whether the crew includes a specialist in any or more of these healthy activities.



Meditation and mind coaching

Life Coaching

Health Coaching

Beauty Treatments


Nutrition and detox programs

Personal Development Programs

Yacht Charter is with the personal experiences and tastes of passengers. So don’t limit your imagination; think about what you can do for 24 hours. Apart from sleeping, eating, drinking, and sailing, what do you want to do with this time frame you have devoted to yourself?


Water Sports on Yacht Charters

When you think about your yacht charter holiday, you automatically imagine the deep blue sea, calm waters, and smiling sun in a clear sky. But, at the point where you want to add fun to this perfect sleep, water toys come into play. During yacht charter holidays, water sports activities are unlimited. You can do Jetski, Ringo, seabob, banana, submarine, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, water skiing, and much more.

When you arrive, you can ensure that all the equipment you have requested and notify us in advance is ready for you.

Among the many sports and activities you might want to do;

  1. Windsurfing and kiteboard need at least 12 km of wind, and they keep that equipment on the yacht. So if you want to use it, your captain can search for a windy area for you or wait until the right weather conditions appear if passengers prefer.
  2. Water skis and single skis
  3. Canoes and kayaks are usually towed along the yacht or stacked at the bottom on larger yachts. Canoes and kayaks are perfect for both novices and professionals in water sports.
  4. Jet skis and wave runners are for those who want a high adrenaline rush. First, your captain makes sure the sea conditions are perfect, and then you can skate as you wish.
  5. Submarine toys are available on request. Toys are available on request. These high-end devices offer a lot of underwater fun and excitement. However, before use, they require prior knowledge or quick training.
  6. Seabobs can be used above and below water level; they are environmentally friendly and perfect for scuba diving alongside reefs,
  7. You don’t need to wait for the wind; you need an excellent speedboat to tow them. These are also stored onboard and removed as needed. As well as families, they provide plenty of fun for thrill-seeking adults.
  8. Water slides are also great fun for children and adults. These units are adapted to be attached to the upper deck, usually with a 45-degree gliding angle, giving you a fun landing in the water from the top of the yacht.
  9. Water parks are an October benefit for families with children or adults who enjoy this extra-colorful entertainment. These are inflated on the yacht when they reach clear waters and windless areas.
  10. Swimming pools are very suitable for your children, especially. The children also love them as they mimic the pools and enjoy hours of fun along with a water slide.
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