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Luxury Gulet, Motor Yacht, and Sailing Yacht Holidays in Turkey

When you want a themed boat charter service and custom-made vacations in Turkey, like a luxury gulet charter, you need help from a professional who knows your tastes and interests inside and out. To find a really good yacht that fits your needs, you have to be very professional and look at hundreds of boats and places. We plan blue cruises for you in the best way possible, based on what you like and what you want. So, you can be sure that a yacht rental service with a theme will make your trip special.

A luxury yacht charter is the best way to spend a vacation because you can choose where to go and what to see. From adventure trips, honeymoons, and anniversaries to themed sports and water sports on boats, Turkey has it all.

Customized vacations on, this job’s dedicated team guarantees a happy cruising pleasure.

By putting on different events with different themes, we can turn your trip into a themed boat holiday. So you can be sure that they can give you everything you need for this holiday.

Archaeological Blue Voyage

Do you Want To Go On Time Travel?

Why not use a time machine to go back in time? You can go to the blue coast, where there are still ruins of people who lived there hundreds of years ago. These bays are ready to welcome you in, just like they did with these people. You can use the archaeological tour as a sailing guide to make your life better. It would range from the original ancient beauty of the shoreline to charming coves full of archaeological treasures.

By going to the oldest sites and places on the coasts of the Aegean and Mediterranean, you can get a feel for the rich times in history.

You can visit the ruins of many different cultures, which span from 2000 B.C. to the present day. On the coasts of the Aegean and the Mediterranean, you can learn about the interesting past that lies beneath the clear, turquoise water. You can go to the rock tombs of Dalyan Kaunos if you want to, and you can go to the underground city in Kekova if you want to. You can also walk through the small streets of the traditional fishing town of Kas.

Please get in touch with us if you want to use a gulet to see ancient sites you’ve never seen before.

Culinary and Gourmet Tours

Change the way you eat into a unique sensory experience by combining the energizing cooking of a yacht with your food. In the afternoon, you can watch a fishing trip in the calm waters of the Mediterranean or Adriatic while our experienced local cooks make it a culinary delight.

Learn how to make classic Anatolian and Ottoman dishes and taste how fresh, seasonal ingredients make your mouth feel. Learn how to cook better by getting to know the local ingredients and dishes. In Turkey, you can try both new and old Turkish recipes.

On the Greek islands and in the Adriatic, you can eat meals made with fresh seafood and traditional appetizers.

Yacht Charter for Wedding and Honeymoon

Make Your Wedding Perfect By Renting A Yacht.

What could be better than tying the knot with the person you love in a way that will last forever? The blue sea and the rising green are two of the most beautiful places in the world.

Join us on one of our wedding journeys, which are meant to add even more fun to the most important day of your life. Then, keep the adventure going with a honeymoon trip and enjoy your first trip as a married couple!

If you want, we can arrange for your family and friends to travel on more than one yacht. We can help you plan everything, from a luxury trip to a romantic wedding, at the best prices.

You should start your new life with love, fun, laughs, amazing views, and things that are just for you. Then, on your love and honeymoon trip, make the best holiday dream come true.

Corporate Yacht Charter

If You’re Looking For Ways To Influence Your Customers Or Team.

In the Gulf of the Aegean, an exotic Aegean port, a rich and famous ultra yacht is anchored, and the sun shines on the water with thousands of different images. Or maybe the moon is with your sparkling boat as you dock it in the Gulf of Mexico. Great music in the background, good drinks, tasty food, and a stylish staff ready to serve you.

Most managers and event planners don’t think of yachts as places where work can be done. So it is, since they don’t know how different and useful luxury boats are today.

Today, we no longer believe any of this because modern boats can meet all of your needs.

– For your business, a modern rental boat has the following:

– Presentation Equipment

– Places to meet for official and unofficial events

– Wi-Fi

– The yacht crew will offer drinks and snacks at your meetings and talks.

After the meetings and conferences are over, your friends and participants can stay on the boat and take part in them. If you have planned a business event, you can stay on the boat and start your vacation after the event.

Executive meetings and professional conferences

Meetings to build a strong team, get the backing of your managers, and make the right connections can be much more productive if you choose the right setting.

When planning a small professional meeting, you don’t have to go to great lengths to deck out conference rooms and hotels. Instead, you can hold your conference in a more unique and intimate environment. You can book a yacht that offers enough business service for all of your guests and gets rid of mediocrity with amenities that can only be found on a luxury yacht.

At a board meeting, you want to show off your company’s best features or impress new investors. What could be more memorable than having this meeting on a luxury yacht?

Now, leave the typical meeting room and enjoy this with your coworkers.

Corporate Hospitality and Entertainment

There is no better way to welcome your customers, investors, or anyone else you want to impress than to rent a boat. And take your VIP friends out on a luxury yacht and show them a good time. In this way, the pleasure and return you give will be better than anything you have ever gotten anywhere else.

You can also rent a boat to make sure your guests get to their destination in style if you are putting on a big sports or fashion event with a lot of people. While your friends feel special because of the yacht’s comfort and quality, you can still enjoy the yacht’s comfort and luxury after the event.

Team building and staff incentives

Many managers now realize how important it is to give their employees rewards that will make them work harder. Yacht trips are the best way to do this because they provide the closeness that is needed to build a strong team. A corporate yacht course helps you and your workers get to know each other better and build stronger bonds.

Adventure Tour

Hidden Havens are Accessible Only by Sea.

You can see every color of nature in untouched bays on Blue Cruise adventure tours. And go on exciting trips that you can’t wait to tell your friends and family about. When your yacht docks in a bay, you can go scuba diving, mountain walking, windsurfing, mountaineering, rafting, rock climbing, jeep safari, water skiing, cave tours, or paragliding for high-adrenaline thrills that will keep you coming back for more.

People have lived in the Aegean and Mediterranean bays for thousands of years, and now nature and adventure lovers are staying there.

Yoga and Pilates Tours

You might be surprised by how many things you can do on a yacht charter. Sports that give you a rush of energy are on one end of the spectrum, while yoga, aromatherapy, and meditation are on the other. During a luxury yacht vacation, you can ask for anything you want. All you have to do is call us. But, of course, our main job is to give you the whole trip you want.

Below, you’ll find a list of sports gear that’s already on the yacht or that can be brought on for special requests, as well as wellness and maintenance tasks that can be done on the boat. All you need to do is ask ahead of time for more information about this subject. We also tell you if the crew has an expert in any of these healthy hobbies.



Meditation and coaching for your mind

Coaching for life

Coaching for health

Treatments for beauty


Nutrition and cleansing plans

Programs for personal growth

Yacht charter is based on the preferences and experiences of each passenger. So don’t put a limit on your creativity; think about what you can do in a day. What do you want to do with this time you’ve set aside for yourself other than sleep, eat, drink, and sail?

Water Sports on Yacht Charters

When you think about your yacht rental vacation, you probably picture a deep blue sea, calm waters, and a sun that is shining brightly in a clear sky. But if you want to add some fun to this perfect sleep, you can use water toys. During yacht rental vacations, you can do all kinds of water sports. You can do Jetski, Ringo, Seabob, Banana, Submarine, swimming, diving, kayaking, water skiing, and much more.

When you get there, you can make sure that all the tools you asked for and told us about ahead of time are ready.

You might want to do some of the following games and activities:

For windsurfing and kiteboarding, there need to be at least 12 km of wind, and the equipment is kept on the boat. So, if you want to use it, your captain can look for a place with a lot of wind or wait until the right weather comes along, if guests would rather.
Water skis and single skis
Most of the time, canoes and kayaks are towed behind the yacht or stacked at the bottom of bigger yachts. Canoes and kayaks are great for both people who are new to water sports and those who do them all the time.
Jet skis and wave runners are for people who want to feel a lot of excitement. First, your leader will make sure the sea is calm, and then you can skate wherever you want.

Submarine toys are offered on request. Toys are provided on request. These high-tech gadgets make diving a lot of fun and exciting. But you need to know about them or get quick training before you can use them.
Seabobs can be used both above and below the water. They are good for the environment and are great for scuba diving near reefs.
You don’t have to wait for the wind if you have a good speedboat to pull them. These are also kept on the ship and taken off when needed. They are fun for both children and adults who want a thrill.
Both kids and adults have a lot of fun on water rides. These units are made to be connected to the upper deck, usually at a 45-degree angle, giving you a fun way to land in the water from the top of the yacht.
Families with kids or adults who like to have fun in a bright way can go to water parks in October. When the boat gets to a place with clear water and no wind, these are blown up.
Especially for your kids, swimming pools are a great idea. Children also like them because they look like pools and have a water slide for hours of fun.

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