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Life on Yachts

Food on Gulet Yachts
Providing Food And Drink For Yachts In Turkey And The Greek Islands

When you go to a different place, you should also try the food there. If you’re a food lover, the Mediterranean, and Adriatic have a lot of tasty choices to please your taste buds. What better place to have a nice meal than on a boat in the middle of the sea?

Whenever you go on a boat vacation, the food is always fresh. You eat vegetables, fruits, and meat that are grown or raised in your area. Meals served on the boat don’t have any additives or fake sweeteners. All of the ingredients are 100% organic and come from seed farming in the area. The flavors will give you a chance to learn about the local food and try new tastes.

You can have a more enjoyable time on your boat if you choose to eat on the aft deck. We promise that the food you eat will be one of the most memorable parts of your trip. Your cook gives you new and fresh tastes and can take you on a gourmet adventure.

A cruise on a traditional gulet yacht is much better and more unique than a trip on a big ship. Blue Cruise is a great outdoor event with the best of the sea, sun, nature, history, decency, theater, and, of course, great food!

Meals on a Luxury Yacht
Every Meal Is A Gastronomic Pleasure.

The private dining service is one of the best parts of a yacht trip. The only vacation where you and your friends get pampered is a luxury yacht charter. Make sure to always welcome all of your favorite treats. Imagine you have a personal cook whose only job it is to make food that tastes good to you.

During the planning stage, you tell your rental expert what kinds of food you like. Then, you can add any number of special goods, ingredients, and menus to your holiday. The chef on the yacht is a skilled worker who knows how to cook for a wide range of tastes. He has been cooking for a long time and is ready for any taste, treat, or idea you can think of.

There is a cook on the boat who can make anything you want to eat, whether you eat meat or not.

Here are some tips to make sure you have a great meal:

Planning for a yacht charter is 90% of your success. Make sure you tell your charter broker everything you want and need to know about meals. Then we can tell the cook what you want. He has the food and dry items in stock that he needs. He plans to buy fresh food based on when they will be traveling.

Before you leave, or maybe a few days before you get to the yacht, you can meet with the cook and tell him or her about any last-minute needs. Your cook would have time to get ready. Or, if you want, you can talk about these needs when you get on the boat at your departure port.

If you have very particular tastes in food and are very picky, don’t let the chef cook for you. You could leave it up to your boss and let him or her surprise you once or twice. But keep in mind that the chef doesn’t know how you like your eggs, steak, or coffee. Be sure to tell your boss what to do about this. Be very clear about reactions to lactose, gluten, or anything else that could be dangerous, as well as vegan diets, and make sure they know ahead of time.

Underwater Adventures
Hidden Underwater World

When you go to the beautiful underwater world, think about where you’re going, like the Greek islands, the Turkish coast, or the Adriatic islands. You would find that many chartered boats give you a wide range of tools and toys to use underwater. It comes in a lot of different forms, from a plastic snorkel to high-tech tools for underwater study. It’s up to you to decide.

The Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas have been around for a long time. They have found signs of ancient societies and epic battles between gods from long ago. Because of earthquakes, tides, and the flooding of coastal towns over many years, this area gives travelers vivid dreams.

In some ways, the Greek islands, the Turkish shores, and the Adriatic Sea are all the same. When you go to see the beautiful world under the water, each one gives you a different experience. You’ll be surprised at all the options and decks available to you if you obtain a diving certificate. If you don’t have a certificate, they can always pair you with a highly qualified and experienced diving teacher who will meet your needs and keep you safe.

For places like underwater museums that are hard to get to, the crew would get in touch with you and make sure you could get in so you could see all the wonders of these old underwater cities. Also, when you choose your tour time, your customer service representative can tell you where the best places to dive are along the route you choose. Your yacht rental consultant has a lot more experience than a Google search and can give you the most up-to-date diving spots based on reviews from people who have been there recently.

If you want to dive, make sure that one of the people on your crew is a PADI Master Diver before you sign your charter deal. Seabob, one of the newest ways to explore underwater, lets you dive in shallower water without having to bring your own gear.

Yacht Charter Water Sports

When you think about your yacht rental vacation, you probably picture a deep blue sea, calm waters, and a sun that is shining brightly in a clear sky. But if you want to add some fun to this perfect sleep, you can use water toys. During yacht rental vacations, you can do all kinds of water sports. You can go jet skiing, Ringo, sea bob, banana, submarine, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, water skiing, and much more.

You can be sure that all the tools you asked for and told us about in advance will be ready for you when you arrive.

You might want to do some of the following games and activities:

1. For windsurfing and kiteboarding, there need to be at least 12 km of wind, and the equipment is kept on the boat. If you want to use it, your captain can look for a windy place or wait until the right weather comes along, depending on what the passengers want.
2. Water skis and single skis

3. Most of the time, canoes and kayaks are towed behind the yacht or stacked at the bottom of bigger yachts. Canoes and kayaks are great for both people who are new to water sports and those who do them all the time.

4. Jet skis and wave runners are for people who want to feel a lot of excitement. First, your leader will make sure the sea is calm, and then you can skate wherever you want.

5. You can get submarine toys if you ask for them, and you can get sea toys if you ask for them. These high-tech gadgets make diving a lot of fun and exciting. But you need to know about them or get quick training before you can use them.

6. Seabobs can be used both above and below the water. They are good for the environment and are great for scuba diving near reefs.

7. If you want to pull collectible inflatable toys, you don’t have to wait for the wind. All you need is a good speedboat. These are also kept on the ship and taken off when needed. They are fun for both children and adults who want a thrill.

8. Both kids and adults have a lot of fun on water rides. These units are made to be connected to the upper deck, usually at a 45-degree angle, giving you a fun way to land in the water from the top of the yacht.

9. Families with kids or adults who like to have fun in a bright way can go to water parks in October. When the boat gets to a place with clear water and no wind, these are blown up.

10. Especially for your kids, swimming pools are a great idea. Children also like them because they look like pools and have a water slide for hours of fun.

Yacht Staff and Crew

All of our yachts have captains and crews that are highly qualified and trained to do their jobs well.

Professionals with a wide range of skills and years of experience work on yachts. Each member of the crew has a job description and a main goal. But they all work together as one team to ensure practical integrity.

When putting together a crew, the owner of each yacht chooses the captain first. The captain then chooses the rest of the team. Because of this, it is best for the team and the captain to work together in a peaceful way.

The crew is the most important part of a yacht charter, not the boat itself. With a skilled team, any yacht can turn into a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Before you choose a yacht, you should talk to us about what kind of vacation you want and what your special needs are. Then, our perfect team can give you all the information you need.

Usually, the number of guests decides how many people will be on the crew. Usually, it has two teams: the team that makes sure passengers are happy and the team that runs the boat. The people on the passenger satisfaction team are the crew members who talk to clients every day. The yacht management team, on the other hand, is made up of engineers and repair workers who run the ship. These two groups work together to make sure the trip goes smoothly.


The captain of a yacht is in charge of everything and is kind of like the CEO of your experience. Unlike a hotel manager, a boat captain’s job gives them certain rights at sea. For example, by international law, if a passenger does something that could put other passengers and crew in danger, the staff must respond. Because of this, the captain is always in charge of the ship. And his decisions on hard topics must be taken seriously. However, your captain made this deal. It doesn’t mean he’s not happy or doesn’t care about his guests. So, the best way to keep your vacation going is to tell your captain about every problem or wish you have for the team.

Cook & Chef

Each yacht’s cook is carefully chosen so that you can make the dishes you want. On the yacht, you can try any flavor you want as long as you tell the cook ahead of time. For instance, let’s say you tell your captain about any special dietary needs or foods you don’t want to see on your table. In that case, it will take less time for your chef to get the right supplies.

The chief is one of the people on the team who has always talked to you directly during your trip.


Hostesses work on all luxury ships, and they can offer a variety of services, such as being a receptionist, cleaning and room service, and giving manicures. Also, more luxury ships have more than one hostess, and some of them are trained to give massages.

The hostess is one member of the group who is always in touch with you while you’re on vacation.


Sailors do a lot of things to connect with passengers, like serving drinks, cleaning, and helping with sports. It also does general yacht work, like cleaning, regular boat work, and all kinds of manual labor.

The Tech Team

These are the people on the team who are in charge of the engine and systems. They don’t talk to the passengers and are responsible for making sure the yacht works properly for the whole trip.


Tipping is important, but it shouldn’t be about you. Even if you’ve had a good experience with one person on the crew, keep in mind that the whole crew works together to give you the best experience.

You can give your tip to the captain, who will split it with the rest of the staff. If you want to give a bigger tip to a specific member of the crew, tell the captain. Your captain will take care of it.

Yachts with places to have fun

Check out the different ways each luxury boat lets you have fun and compare them to make the most of your vacation.

A luxury boat costs a few million dollars to build, and it doesn’t have any places to play. They don’t have anything to do with how the boat works; they’re just part of how it looks. The owner of the yacht can then add whatever entertainment features he wants.

Most of the luxury boats were made to order, and they all have different ways to have fun.

People who own boats and turn them into chartered yachts They decide to offer more ways to have fun on the boat to make it more appealing and get ahead of their rivals.

A luxury yacht’s entertainment system has many smart LED TVs of different sizes, which are always in the main room and cabins. These big TV screens can link to the Internet of Things and other devices. Also, they all come with a wide variety of movies from which to choose.

They’ve added more speakers and sound systems so you can listen to the newest songs with the best sounds and sound quality.

In addition to TV screens, there are also different types of computer game decks, such as PlayStation, Xbox, and other systems that can be hooked up to TV screens and have many games to choose from.

In addition to electronic entertainment, they have musical instruments, iPads or tablets, and different games to figure out.

24 hours on the yacht

Your first and last days on your boat will be different from the rest of your trip. Every day is different, but each day also has some things in common that make you feel safe and happy. So, let’s look at what usually happens in a gulet’s 24 hours.


If you get up early in the morning, you can see the sunrise and see the sea change colors as the sun rises. At sunset, light games happen in your bedroom when the light comes in through the porthole.

Depending on where you land, you can do whatever you want to do first thing in the morning.

If you wake up in any port, you can go for an early morning walk or stop by a neighborhood bakery to buy fresh bread. After that, your cook will make you a nice breakfast to start your day. After breakfast, you normally sail to your next stop, taking in the sights and getting ready for your next stop along the way.

In addition to meals, you would also have snacks, drinks, and five different tea choices to choose from.

In the noontime

You can eat lunch at a local restaurant, on land, or on a yacht. The lunch on the yacht is made to suit everyone’s tastes. Some people like to take a nap or just chill out in the sun. Sportives, on the other hand, like to jump into the water and enjoy the hot sun, calm water, and water sports.

If you are on land, you can finish your trip or activities, take a break in the afternoon on your boat, and get ready to anchor.

In the afternoon

In most cases, the afternoon is a good time to take it easy on the boat. While drinking your drink, these are the best times to enjoy the great weather, when the sun doesn’t burn as much. Or, you can do things on land for a day and sail to your next location.

Your next stop could be anywhere, from a quiet beach to a busy port. When you get there, it might be nighttime, which means you should get ready for a fun night out or a quiet night under the stars.


If you anchor in a port, you might want to check out a famous restaurant, bar, or nightlife spot. How many choices there are can depend on how big the village or city is. But it’s always fun to walk along the coast at night and enjoy the lights, sounds, and activities in the bay, which are all different and fun. After having a good time in the city, you can go back to your boat and sleep well.

Let’s say you anchor on a beach that isn’t near a port. If so, you can unwind in the still water and eat delicious food that your chef has prepared under the stars at night.

Not to mention swimming, playing water sports, listening to your favorite songs, reading your favorite book, laughing, and getting drunk.

Life on yachts

You’ve missed out on a lot if you’ve never been on a typical gulet tour. In contrast to big cruises, a yacht tour lets you enjoy the beautiful things in life away from all the noise. This trip has more to offer than just sun and sea. It’s about discovering the beauty and kindness of nature, figuring out how things happened in the past, enjoying the local culture and food, and having the best time of your life.

All the waters can be seen on blue tours in coves that are close to the shore. Gulets spend the night in small bays that are 20 to 30 meters from the shore. So you feel like you are both too close to their home and too far away to be cephalous. You can shop and eat at places on the coast after a week-long trip. You can anchor and enjoy the view of the seaside town, or you can take part in the busy nightlife along the shore.

A yacht charter gives you a lot of time to swim in clear water, snorkel, sunbathe on deck while the wind blows, go hiking in the woods, and visit old towns. You can also do water sports like banana boating, jet skiing, and windsurfing.

If there is enough wind, you can sail to make your trip more fun. During lunch and dinner, the gulet comes close to the beach and docks in a bay. You can even spend time in a small town or on an island next to the ruins. At least two stops are made every day. So that people can swim, windsurf, snorkel, sunbathe, go ashore, or rest under a sun canopy. Then, in the evening, you will be served a delicious meal while listening to beautiful music.

Yacht charter is all about giving people the simple joys of life in the most luxurious way possible and making sure they are comfortable and entertained.


All boats come with canoes, simple fishing gear, and snorkel masks for both adults and children. There are also a variety of water toys on each boat, and you can bring water games that aren’t on the boat with you.

Trips from the port

Gulet Yacht Charter lets you take trips along the coast to see nearby towns, old sites, and beautiful natural areas. In the Bodrum-Gokova-Bodrum program, for example, you can go to and experience Marmaris, and in the Marmaris-Fethiye-Marmaris program, you can go to Caunos. You can also visit historical sites, ruins, and nature areas, watch birds, and go on jeep safaris.

We also plan shopping trips to craft shops on busy Sundays. So you can buy handicrafts, carpets, leather goods, jewelry, textiles, and gifts made in Turkey.

Along the coasts of Croatia and Montenegro, the same tours are set up locally. Your yacht rental specialist tells you what you need to know about each area.

Yacht Crew

The gulets have between two and seven people on board, including a leader, a chief, and sailors. All of the people on our crews are qualified in their areas. We also choose the captains from a group of qualified, experienced sailors who know a lot about sailing on the sea and along nearby coasts. Our cooks know a lot about food in general and about local specialties, so they can definitely make food that will please their guests. Depending on which boat you choose, the crew members speak either basic or advanced English. French, German, Russian, and Italian. We in the background and the whole boat team do our best to make sure you have a comfortable and fun cruise. Also, everyone on the team is chosen because they are friendly, helpful, and always ready to listen to your needs and wants.

Be the Most Enjoyable Guest on the Yacht
When you rent a yacht, there are some rules to remember.

Think of a yacht as a home away from home. When you buy and store a yacht, there are some rules you should follow. Gulet boats are not a good place to go crazy and break other people’s things. Most of the time, yachts are owned by private owners who rent them out to help keep them in good shape and make money. Some boat chartering companies own the yachts they rent out.

Now, let’s look at something else: the work of a boat crew includes decommissioning, maintenance, engineering, customer service, cooking, and cleaning. The captain is in charge of the crew. This is an official title that means something at sea. The captain is in charge of making sure everyone on the ship and the boat is safe. The boat owner is always in charge of the captain and crew.


Be nice to the crew at all times. They are pros who work for the yacht owner and give them access to his or her private property. So, please show them the same care and kindness you want them to show you. Since the crew’s job is to give you great personal service, you can treat them like friends if you like. But remember that they are there to take care of you and that you can always ask them for anything within their service area.


Never walk on the deck in shoes with hard soles or high heels. The deck can get scratched, and then it needs to be maintained and, in the worst cases, restored. You can walk barefoot or in deck shoes. You came on vacation to relax, so we suggest you don’t wear shoes so you can enjoy the comfort of the boat.


On most ships, it is not allowed to smoke inside. It means that you can smoke on the deck but not in your room or anywhere else below it. Ask your waitress where you can smoke if you’re not sure. In fact, if anyone in your group smokes, you should tell your hiring advisor when you choose a yacht.


If someone in your group is older and takes a lot of medicine, or even if someone takes a small amount of medicine, check it out. If you don’t, you might have trouble at the airport, and your medicines might be taken away. Talk to your rental consultant about this and find out what the rules are in the places you visit. Your expert tells the right people about the situation for you.


If you have any problems with your vacation, you should talk to your boss first. The captain is the only person who knows what to do at sea, so you should tell him everything. The captain is also in charge of the crew, and you should talk to him if you have any problems with the crew.

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