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Food on Gulet Yachts

Providing Food And Drink For Yachts In Turkey And The Greek Islands

Visiting a foreign country also means exploring local cuisine. The Mediterranean and Adriatic certainly have generous flavor options to please your taste buds if you’re a good food enthusiast. What better place to enjoy fine dining than on a yacht over the sea?

During yacht holidays, the food available is always fresh. You consume local vegetables, fruits, and meat products sourced from local Sundays. Meals served to you on the boat are free of artificial sweeteners or additives. All components are 100% organic and sourced from local seed production. The flavors offered to give you the chance to recognize the local cuisine and taste new flavors.

By choosing to eat on the aft deck of your yacht, you can make your experience more enjoyable. We guarantee that your culinary experience would be an unforgettable component of your journey. Your cook offers fresh and new flavors and can make you have a gourmet journey.

A traditional cruise on a gulet yacht is a much better and more unique experience than a large ship. Blue Cruise is a great outdoor event that offers the best of sea, sun, nature, history, decency, entertainment, and of course, great food!



Meals on A Luxury Yacht

Every Meal Is A Gastronomic Pleasure.

One of the attractions of a yacht holiday experience is the private dining service. Luxury yacht charter is the only holiday where you and your guests pamper. Be sure to welcome all the delicacies of your choice constantly. Imagine that you have a personal chef whose only responsibility is to appeal only to your taste buds.

During the planning phase, you let your rental specialist know your food preferences. Then, you can add any number of exceptional products, ingredients, and menus to accompany you on your holiday. The yacht chef is a professional and experienced chef who always appeals to hundreds of different tastes. He has been cooking for years and preparing for every flavor, delicacy, and concept you can imagine.

Whether you’re a carnivore or a vegan, there’s a chef on the boat who can satisfy every gastronomic desire.

Here are some tips to make sure your dining experience is perfect:

Planning for Yacht Charter is ninety percent of your success; make sure you give your charter broker all your meal requirements and wishes. Then, we can pass your desires to the chef. He has the necessary food and dry ingredients ready in his stock. He plans to buy fresh ingredients according to the travel schedule.

Before you take off, or perhaps a few days before you arrive for the yacht, you can meet the chef and pass on your last-minute requirements. It would give your chef time to prepare. Or, if you want, you can discuss these requirements at your port of departure when you arrive on the yacht.

If you have specific tastes in food and are very selective about it, do not leave the dishes to the chef. Maybe you can leave it to your chief without interfering with surprising you once or twice. But remember, the chef doesn’t know how much you like your eggs, how much you want your steak cooked, or how you drink your coffee. Be sure to give instructions to your chief about this. Be very specific about lactose, gluten allergies, or any allergies that may be dangerous or vegan diets, and be sure to let them know in advance.



Underwater Adventures

Hidden Underwater World

When you visit the wonderful underwater world, think of your destination, the Greek islands, the Turkish coast, and the Adriatic islands. You would find that a large number of chartered yachts supply you with a variety of underwater toys and tools. Its variety is quite wide; this can be in a plastic snorkel with highly high-tech equipment for underwater research. It is entirely up to you.

The Mediterranean and the Adriatic are Seas of antiquity. They have found that there are epic battles of the ancient gods and traces of antiquity civilizations. As a result of centuries of earthquakes and tides, the flooding of coastal towns, this region fills the minds of explorers with vivid dreams.

While the Greek islands, the Turkish coast, and the Adriatic are similar in some respects. Each offers different experiences when you visit the wonderful world beneath the water, setting your destination. If you come up with a diving certificate, you would be amazed by the various options and decks to choose. If you do not have a certificate, they can always accompany you with a highly qualified and experienced diving instructor who would meet your needs and safety.

For unique places like underwater museums, the crew would get in touch and take care of your entry and witness all the wonders of these underwater cities in ancient times. Also, when choosing your tour schedule, you can find out from your customer representative that the best diving points are along your chosen route. Your yacht charter consultant’s experiences are far beyond the Google Search and give you the most up-to-date diving locations based on real-time reviews.

When making your charter agreement, make sure that one of your crew is PADI Master Diver if you are considering diving. You can also enjoy a more shallow dive without the need for personal equipment with seabob, one of the newest ways to explore underwater.



Yacht Charter Water Sports

When you think about your yacht charter holiday, you automatically imagine the deep blue sea, calm waters, and smiling sun in a clear sky. But, at the point where you want to add fun to this perfect sleep, water toys come into play. During yacht charter holidays, water sports activities are unlimited. You can rent Jetski, ringo, seabob, banana, submarine, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, water skiing, and much more.

When you arrive, you can ensure that all the equipment you have requested and notified us in advance is ready for you.

Among the many sports and activities you might want:

1. Windsurfing and kiteboard need at least 12 km of wind, and they keep this equipment on the yacht. If you want to use it, your captain can search for a windy area for you or wait until the right weather conditions appear if passengers prefer.
2. Water skis and single skis

3. Canoes and kayaks are usually towed along the yacht or stacked at the bottom on larger yachts. Canoes and kayaks are perfect for both novices and professionals in water sports.

4. Jet skis and wave runners are for those who want a high adrenaline rush. First, your captain makes sure the sea conditions are perfect, and then you can skate as you wish.

5. Submarine toys are available on request, that the sea toys are available on request. These high-end devices offer a lot of underwater fun and excitement. However, before use, they require prior knowledge or quick training.

6. Seabobs can be used above and below water level; they are environmentally friendly and perfect for scuba diving alongside reefs,

7. For collectible inflatable toys, you don’t need to wait for the wind; you need an excellent speedboat to tow them. These are also stored onboard and removed as needed. As well as families, they provide plenty of fun for thrill-seeking adults.

8. Water slides are also great fun for children and adults. These units are adapted to be attached to the upper deck, usually with a 45-degree gliding angle, giving you a fun landing in the water from the top of the yacht.

9. Water parks are an October benefit for families with children or adults who enjoy this extra-colorful entertainment. These are inflated on the yacht when they reach clear waters and windless areas.

10. Swimming pools are very suitable for your children, especially. The children also love them as they mimic the pools and enjoy hours of fun along with a water slide.




Yacht Staff & Crew

All Of Our Yachts Come With Highly Qualified, Professionally Qualified Captains And Teams.

Yachts have an assortment of highly skilled and experienced professionals. Each crew member has a specific job description and focus. However, they all form a single team that works together in operational integrity.

When creating a crew, the owner of each yacht first selects the captain and then relies on the captain to choose the crew. Therefore, it is preferred to ensure a harmonious working environment between crew members and the captain Dec.

The key to a perfect Yacht Charter is not the yacht itself but its crew. With a professional crew, any yacht can turn into an unforgettable experience.

Before choosing a yacht, you should first consult with us to ensure the type of holiday you are looking for and the specific demands. Then, our perfect team can provide answers to all your questions.

The number of passengers usually determines the yacht crew. Usually, it consists of two teams—the passenger satisfaction team and the yacht management team. The passenger satisfaction team consists of crew members who are in direct contact with passengers daily and routine. In contrast, the yacht management team consists of engineers and maintenance personnel who manage the ship. These two teams work together in coordination for a smooth and successful journey.



The captain of a yacht is the highest command position and, in a way, the CEO of your experience. Unlike a hotel manager, a yacht captain has certain maritime rights granted to their status. For example, by international law in response to any passenger decision that may endanger passengers and crew. For this reason, the captain is always in command of the boat. And his decisions on complicated issues must be respected. But this is your captain’s compromise; it doesn’t mean he’s cheerful and not respectful of his guests. Therefore, sharing your every distress or expectation from the crew directly with your captain is the best way to continue your vacation.


Chef & Cook

The chefs of all yachts are carefully selected so that you can create the recipes you want. As long as you inform your chef in advance, you can taste any flavor you want on the yacht. For example, suppose you inform your captain of any special situations related to your diet or any product you don’t want to see on your table. In that case, your chef can save time to request the necessary ingredients.

The chief is one of the crew members who has always been in direct contact with you throughout your journey.



All luxury yachts run hostesses and hostesses can offer a combination of special services such as receptionist, cleaning and room service, and manicure. In addition, more luxury yachts have multiple hostesses, and some have training that can offer massage services.

The hostess is one crew member who is always in direct contact with you during your holiday.



Sailors perform many tasks to interact with passengers, such as bartending, servicing, and Sports support services. It also performs general yacht duties, including cleaning, routine boat work, and all kinds of manual labor.


Technical Team

These are crew members responsible for the engine and systems. They are not in contact with passengers and are obliged to ensure that the yacht performs perfectly throughout your entire holiday.



It’s important to tip, but it shouldn’t be personal. Even if you have had a great experience with a particular crew member, remember that the entire crew works in a harmonious operational relationship to give you the best experience.

You can give your tip to the captain, who shares it among the crew. If there is a specific crew member you want to appreciate with a larger tip, inform the captain, your captain would take care of it.




Recreational Facilities on Yachts

When you choose a luxury yacht, check out the different entertainment options each offers and compare them for your holiday experience.

When building a luxury yacht, they spend a few million dollars, and it doesn’t have recreational facilities. They are not part of the functionality of the boat; they are part of the design features. The yacht owner can then add the entertainment facilities he wants to the boat.

They built most of the luxury yachts to order, and all have different entertainment applications.

Yacht owners who convert their yachts into chartered yachts. They go down the path of providing more entertainment options to increase the boat’s appeal and take a step ahead of their competitors.

Entertainment systems on a luxury yacht include numerous smart LED televisions of varying sizes, always in the main lounge and cabins. These large TV screens come with connectivity to IoT and other devices. In addition, they all come with a decidedly diverse range of movies to choose.

They have added additional speakers and audio systems to allow you to listen to the latest music with the best sounds, with improved audio performance.

In addition to TV screens, there are different types of computer game decks, such as PlayStation, X-box, and other systems connected to TV screens and various games to choose.

As well as Electronic Entertainment, they also have musical instruments, iPads or tablets, and a variety of games to decipher.





24 Hours on the yacht

When you board your yacht, your first and last days would be different from the rest of your trip. Every day brings unique experiences, but each day has similarities that create a safe and comfortable sense of pleasure. So let’s look at what usually happens on a 24-hour gulet day.



If you wake up early in the morning, you can watch the sunrise and witness the sea turn from color to color with the sun. Likewise, sunlight seeping in from the porthole at sunset causes light games in your cabin.

Depending on where you anchor, you can start your day with the activity you want.

If you plan to wake up in any port, you can go for an early morning walk, maybe visit the local bakeries and buy bread that has just come out of the oven. After that, you can start your day with a pleasant breakfast prepared by your chef. After your breakfast, you usually sail to your next destination, enjoying the views along the way and preparing for your next destination.

Apart from mealtimes throughout the day, various snacks, different drinks, five tea menus would also be waiting for you.


In the Noontime

You can have your lunch at a local tavern, on land, or enjoy it on the yacht with a specially prepared lunch to cater to every taste. Some guests like to enjoy a little nap or relax away from the midday sun. On the other hand, Sportives prefer to jump into the water, enjoying the hot sun, calm waters, and water activities.

If you are on land, you can complete your trip or activities, return to your yacht for a break in the afternoon, and prepare to anchor.


In the Afternoon

Usually, afternoons can be a time to relax on the boat. These hours are the best times to enjoy the fantastic weather, where the sun reduces the burning, by sipping your drink. Or you can spend a day enjoying activities on land and sail to your next destination.

Your next port could be anything from a secluded beach to a crowded port. When you arrive, it could be evening, which means it’s time to prepare for a great nightlife experience or a quiet night under the stars.



If you anchor in a port, you might want to consider a popular restaurant, bar, or nightlife experience. The size of the village or city can decide the variety of choices. However, it is always great to walk along the coastline at night and enjoy the harbor lights, sounds, and festivities, each unique and inviting. After a good time in the city, you can return to your yacht and rest for a good night’s sleep.

Suppose you anchor on a secluded beach and are not in a port. In that case, you can enjoy delicious dishes prepared by your chef under the sky at night and leave yourself in the calm waters at night.

By the way, not to mention snorkeling, enjoying water sports, listening to your favorite songs, reading your favorite book, laughing, getting drunk.




Life on Yachts

If you’ve never been on a traditional gulet tour, you’ve missed a lot. Unlike big Cruise trips, a yacht cruise gives you the beautiful pleasures of life, away from all the clutter. This holiday promises not only sun and sea. It is about exploring the beauty and kindness of nature, solving history, enjoying the local culture and cuisine, experiencing the most memorable moments of your life.

Blue cruises in coves that are very close to the shores offer you all the waters. Gulets anchor in small bays located 20-30 meters from the shore during the night. So you feel both too close to their habitat and too far away to be cephalous. In a week’s long journey, you can enjoy shopping and food in restaurants on the coast. You can enjoy anchoring and enjoying the views of the seaside town or participate in the lively nightlife of the shore section.

Yacht charter offers plenty of time for swimming in clear waters, snorkeling, sunbathing with the wind blowing on deck, hiking in the woods, and exploring ancient cities. You can also enjoy various water sports such as jet-skiing, windsurfing, banana.

On days when there is enough wind, you can sail to add pleasure to your course. The gulet approaches the beach and anchors in a bay during lunch and dinner hours. You can even spend time on an island next to the ruins or in a small town. Each day consists of a minimum of two stops. So passengers can swim, windsurf, snorkel, sunbathe, go ashore or relax under a sun canopy. Then, in the evening, a delicious dinner awaits you with beautiful music.

The heart of yacht charter lies in offering the simplest pleasures in life in its most luxurious form and offering comfort and entertainment.



Canoes, simple fishing gear, adult and children’s snorkel masks are available on all yachts as standard. In addition, there are various water toys available on each boat, and you can extract water sports that are not available on the boat.


Shore Excursions

Gulet Yacht Charter allows you to take coastal trips to explore nearby local cities, ancient sites, and natural beauty. For example, Bodrum-Gökova-Bodrum program allows you to visit and explore Marmaris and you can visit Caunos in Marmaris-Fethiye-Marmaris program. Historical sites, ruins and nature reserves, bird watching, and jeep safaris are other pleasures waiting for you!

We also organize shopping tours to local craft centers or bustling Sundays. So you can buy Turkish crafts, carpets, leather goods, jewelry, textiles, souvenirs, and Turkish-specific souvenirs.

The same tours are organized locally within the coastal trips of Croatia and Montenegro. Your yacht charter specialist gives you information according to each region.


Yacht Crew

The crew on the gulets consists of 2 to 7 people, including a captain, chief, and sailors. We select all crew members from people qualified in their fields. We also select the captains from a group of experienced and licensed sailors with extensive knowledge of sailing to the seas and nearby coasts. Our chefs are experts in general and local delicacies and can undoubtedly appeal to their guests’ tastes. Crew members (depending on your boat selection) speak basic or advanced English. German French Russian Italian. The entire boat crew and we in the background do our best to provide you with a comfortable and enjoyable cruise. In addition, the entire team is selected from people who are friendly, friendly, and always willing to help you, respond to your needs and wishes.




Be the Best Guest on the Yacht

There Are Some Rules To Remember When Renting A Yacht.

Consider a yacht a home away from home, and there are some rules you should remember when buying and depositing a yacht. Gulet yachts are not a good place to go berserk and destroy private property. In most cases, private investors own the yachts by a who provides the use of the yacht to help them maintain and generate revenue. In some cases, companies own the yachts that specialize in chartering.

Now take another aspect, yacht crew work areas include decommissioning, maintenance, engineering, customer relations, cooking, and cleaning. The head of the crew is the captain, an official title that carries rank and meaning at sea. The captain is responsible for the safety of people on the yacht as well as on the ship. The captain and crew are always employees of the yacht owner.



Always be polite to the crew; these people are professionals who offer services and provide access to the private property of the yacht owner. Therefore, please treat them with the same respect and kindness you expect to receive in return. Because the crew’s job is to provide you with exceptional personal service, treat them as just a friend if you want. But remember that they are there to pamper you and that you can always ask them for anything within their service area.



Never walk on deck in high heels or hard-soled shoes. The deck can be scratched and then maintenance and, in some extreme cases, need to be retouched. You can use deck shoes or walk barefoot. You have come on a comfortable holiday, so we recommend you stay barefoot to enjoy the comfort of the yacht.



Note that most yachts prohibit smoking indoors. It means you can smoke on the deck, but you can’t smoke in your room or anywhere below the deck. If you’re not sure where you can smoke, ask your hostess. Indeed, for your convenience, if anyone smokes in the group, tell your rental advisor when choosing a yacht.



If you have an older person in your group and they are taking heavy medications, or if anyone even takes a light medication, be sure to check it out. Otherwise, you may have problems at the airport, and you may face the risk of confiscating your medications. Contact us about this with your rental consultant and find out the laws of the places you visit. Your consultant informs the necessary authorities of the matter for you.



If you have any complaints about your holiday, the first person you contact is your captain. The captain is the only competent person at sea, and all matters you must convey to him. The captain is also responsible for the crew, and you must contact him to resolve any complaints about the crew.

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