Marmaris is a port city of Muğla province at the intersection of the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea on the southwestern coast of Turkey. Marmaris, which is one of the most important tourism centers of Turkey in terms of tourism, is the largest holiday destination on the Aegean coast. Meeting point of Aegean and Mediterranean. With its rich history and magnificent nature, Marmaris Peninsula has been the settlement of countless civilizations throughout history with its geographical location and has hosted many ports and cities. Natural beauty, long coastline, pine-clad hills with magnificent views of the Virgin bays, unique beaches, ancient cities, and welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, with every activity, providing Marmaris yacht marinas. The part of Marmaris center surrounded by Marmaris Castle, Marmaris Pier, and Marmaris Marina is called “Historical City Center”. In the hilly area where Marmaris Castle is located, there are historical buildings dating from the 16th century belonging to the Ottoman period. Apart from those historical things, Marmaris has water sports, bar streets, a resort town, and an archaeological museum. When you book a Marmaris Cruise Tours from Marmaris even you can do a Turkish bath at the Dalyan Turtle Beach. We can do your airport transfer as well for any tours from Marmaris. You can find those questions answers; where is Marmaris in Turkey? information on Marmaris, Turkey, What area is Marmaris in Turkey? what is there to see in Marmaris – Turkey? 



Marmaris, with its turquoise sea and quiet coves waiting to be discovered, is one of the regions that holidaymakers who want to gulet cruise.

If you are planning to rent a gulet, yacht charter, or go on a blue tour for a Marmaris cruise during this summer holiday, we recommend that you read our article about the 4 magnificent bays that we have prepared for you.


Çiftlik Bay, which is famous for its coarse-grained sandy beach, suffers an influx of local and foreign tourists during the holiday season. The fact that the sea is always immaculate in this magnificent bay of Marmaris attracts Blue tour and boat enthusiasts here. In the bay, you can enjoy the sea and the sun to the fullest. You should also participate in diving tours to see underwater beauties.

ciftlik bay
gebekse bay


Gebekse Bay, which is very close to Çiftlik Bay, is a Bay where Blue tour holidays come quite often. It makes its name as a wonderful Bay where you can witness the beauties of the underwater world by diving next to its small beach and gazebo restaurant. In this magnificent bay, where you can see a thousand and one Shades of blue, you can also see the ruins of an old church. You can also visit Gebekse Bay, which is both a historical and natural bay.



Amos Bay, located in kumlubük, has become famous for its ancient city built on a hill as well as its sea. By climbing this hill, you can visit the ancient city and walk through the ruins and make a small discovery in the dusty pages of history. You can watch the sunrise or sunset from this ancient city. This small and natural wonder Bay, with its colorful pebbles, Long Beach, and Azure clear sea, has become a frequent route for lovers of Blue tour holidays and boat tours over time. It is useful to go to the Bay, which is usually crowded in the afternoon, in the morning.


amos bay
bordubet bay


Bördübet Bay, located on the Reşadiye peninsula of Marmaris, which the British call “Bird the bed”, has a magnificent view where the sea and forest converge. A Paradise Bay is a must-see both for sea enthusiasts who prefer a blue Tour Holiday and for those who want to experience a nature trip. In Bördübet Bay, a quiet and quiet bay, you can fish, bike tour, or walk in the forest.



When you go there, you feel like you’ve fallen into heaven.

Also known as Cleopatra Beach, the golden sands of this beautiful beach have a very special structure. Cleopatra once brought these sands from North Africa specifically for herself. the beach is protected by ropes, and it is forbidden to remove these sands from the island.



sedir island cleopatra
içmeler marmaris


The sea is extremely beautiful and the water is warm, but it can suddenly deepen, so I suggest that those who do not swim well and children be careful.

The sea is so clean that you swim here with the fish.  This beautiful beach is a great place for those who want to experience nature and sea holidays together.

With a mixture of sand and gravel on this beach, you can participate in sports activities such as parachuting (parasailing), canoeing, and bananas.

You can also take a beautiful nature walk in Icmeler Canyon accompanied by bird chirps.





20 km from Marmaris. Turunç is one of the most famous resorts in the region. It is a very important place for Sea tourism with its Blue Flag beach. In Turunç Bay, the sea is incredibly clean and clear. Turunç public beach is one of the cleanest beaches in Marmaris. The Beach is one of the cleanest beaches in Marmaris. Turunç, which also has many underwater riches, is one of the most famous diving points in Muğla. Especially if you like diving into underwater caves, this is your first choice in Marmaris.

turunç marmaris
kiz kumu marmaris


Kızkumu, located in Orhaniye, is one of the private beaches of Marmaris. Thanks to the sand dune rising in the water, you can walk about half a kilometer above the sea. Here, visually, there is an impression that he is walking on water. It’s a nice place for those who like to take pictures. A small beach, but a very peaceful area with pine forests and azure water.


Kumlubük is one of the most special areas of Marmaris. About 25 km from the center. it is located at a point close to Turunç Bay. Kumlubük, a charming holiday resort, has a wonderful Bay of nature and a very Long Beach.

kumlubuk marmaris
cennet bay marmaris


40 km from Marmaris. at a distance of, it is one of the coves worthy of its name. This place is not as popular as other Marmaris bays. For this reason, it was not frequented by everyone and maintained its naturalness very well. To descend to Cennet Bay, after Selimiye resort, you need to walk along footpaths for a while. The place known as Akkum Bay is adjacent to Cennet Bay.

If you have a Turkey Blue Tour holiday plan this summer, you can examine the Turkey Blue tour routes of Marmaris with and create a holiday route for yourself. If you want you may click for Marmaris Blue tour Gulets.

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