turkey gulet charter guide

Turkey Yacht Charter Guide

Congratulations! By signing your yacht charter contract, you’ve taken the first step toward an event you’ll never forget and that could change your life. After a vacation that was so much fun, you wish you had done it before. You would never want to go on a trip that would make your life worse in the long run.

But, like any other choice, you have to make this one based on full and correct knowledge. Our professional customer service team has years of experience in the field and can help you make more complicated decisions for a great vacation plan. Romos Travel is a bit different from all the other companies that give out yachts. We’ve also made pages for you that are detailed, full of information, and focused on giving help. You can look through these pages and learn the general facts, or you can ask us anything.

turkey gulet charter process

How to Choose the Right Rental of Yacht gives you access to hundreds of different boats that vary in size, quality, and price. From super-luxurious gulet yachts to beautiful modern sailing ships, the company has a huge fleet. You have to choose your boat based on how much money you have for your vacation. In other things that come after this, it fits your choice.


As long as you stick to certain rules and distances, it doesn’t matter much which port you rent your boat from. For example, it is very easy to visit Hisaronu Gulf if you start in Bodrum or Marmaris. Or, if you want to go on a tour through the bays of Gocek, you can rent a yacht in Fethiye or do a Bodrum-Gocek one-way tour. Because of this, if you want to rent a boat, it’s more important to know where you want to go than where you want to go.


Even though the length of a boat is directly related to how comfortable it is, it is not a very good reason to choose one over another. For example, there might not be a big difference between the cabins and regular decks on two six-cabin yachts that are between 25 and 30 meters long. Both are nice places to spend a vacation. But you can’t ignore the fact that, in maritime decency, a longer yacht is always more accepted, no matter what.


The Aynakic and Gulet models are the two types of gulet boats that are used most often. Even though gulet-style boats are better for sailing and more efficient, they can still be made to work as well as possible with today’s advanced manufacturing methods. Besides these two characters, your choices are mostly based on what you like and dislike. With the interactive features of today, you can look at all yachts, every detail, and the way they are decorated with pictures and videos.


What you need on the boat depends on what you’re doing. For instance, are you going on vacation, or is this a business trip?

It mostly depends on vacation plans, trips to ports, water sports, and swimming. For business classes, the most important things are rooms and equipment that can be used for teleconferences. If you want to sign a company lease, make sure your choice meets the needs of the business.

Yacht Categories

Luxury sailing boats are like floating five-star resorts because they are big, very modern, and made of good materials. In this review, the size of the boat, its crew, and what it can do are all very important.

The best type of boat is a super-luxury yacht. They are also known as VIP or deluxe boats. This group of yachts is very different from the others. Most of their projects are made by architects, who take into account what boat owners want. They work with well-known builders in the field, and each one is a unique design that falls into the water.

When it comes to luxury yachts, the number of rooms in their class depends on how big the yacht is. And how people use it. Some luxury gulets can have anywhere from 3 to 11 floors. You can also go on vacation with several people on a fancy gulet. On most boats, there is a master bedroom. Also, many luxury boats have twin rooms that can be used by children. This makes them good for families to rent.

For classic boats, the length of the decks can be anywhere from 17 to 35 meters. How many cabins there are depends on how long the yacht is. There could be 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or even more. In most rooms, there are two beds. All of the rooms are bigger than Economy Class cabins on a yacht, and each one has its own bathroom. Also, many of them are in rooms with two beds. Cabins have air conditioning, and most yacht rental fees include 6–8 hours of air conditioning use per day.

What to Consider Before Gulet Charter in Turkey

Turkey Yacht Charter Cost

Everything Is Included In The Price Except For These Extras.

The costs of renting a yacht are usually included in the deal, and you only have to pay extra for fuel. But let’s say you go over the agreed-upon limits and buy things you might not need. For example, if you order a certain meal, your chef can ask for certain ingredients. Your server can also ask for an extra order if you want more than one drink. Aside from these things, your vacation includes everything else.

You are in a floating hotel with a private kitchen as well as entertainment and sports gear. Doing this job perfectly is a hard thing to do. When you think about how much it costs to plan, track, and finish your trip, it’s clear that there may be some costs built into your contract.

The season is another thing that affects prices. When demand is at its peak, the season is high, and prices go up as a result. When demand goes down, the season is low, and prices are set to reflect that. Some mega yachts are not impacted by this surge, and you pay the fee that the owner asks for.

As an October addition to your yacht rental contract, you can always find a list of all the costs and fees.


The contract is an important piece of paper that lists your costs. You only pay what you agreed to when you signed the deal. Most charter contracts are pretty much the same. Most contracts in Turkey are MYBA contracts. MYBA stands for the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association, which is now known as the Worldwide Yachting Association (WYA). This contract spells out the basic hire fee, any extras, insurance, and anything else the yacht owner wants to include.

Most MYBA contracts are all-inclusive, meaning that the BCF (basic rental fee) includes fuel, food, drinks, and port fees. Overall, based on these contracts, you should think that October would add 20% to 30% to the basic rental fee.

Some yacht owners use Eastern Mediterranean terms (district) and Greek terms (GT), which are less common than middlemen around the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. On our page about yacht contracts, you can see how the terms are different.

Basic charter fee (BCF-Base Charter Fee)

The main cost of a yacht’s hire is the charter fee. Include expected costs for the time the boat is chartered. It also includes the projected costs of running the building for the length of the lease. The basic rental fee, which changes from month to month, is added to by extra claims. In this case, months refer to times when demand is high and times when demand is low. You also find that you have to pay for fuel and port fees in October. It’s because fuel use and visits to ports change based on what the customer wants.

Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA)

Every contract has a base for an Advance Payment Allowance (APA). This method keeps track of the initial down payment and any extra costs that are expected on top of the basic rental fee. It comes from the fact that every customer has different needs during a boat charter.

As a general rule, Apa’s basic rent is about 25% to 30% of his income. But let’s say you want expensive food, extra sports and recreation tools, and other things that aren’t on the list. If that happened, the APA would go up to cover these things.

The APA is paid one month before the rental period. This gives the captain and crew time to get ready and buy extra supplies, so they don’t have to waste time during your holiday.

If you want to know how much has been spent on your claim, at the end of the round you get a full breakdown of how much has been spent on APA.

Note that APA will charge you for gas and food. So, the yacht doesn’t help these goods make any more money. But after the holiday is over, you will get the rest of the money back from APA. If it’s not there, we can ask you for it.

Gasoline and port fees

Fuel and tie-down fees are extra costs. They are not part of the BCF because each deal is different in this way. But it shows how and when to think about the number of water sports that need fuel, like sailing and water skiing, and how weather affects them. Port fees are different for each port that is visited, and sometimes they change based on what the customer wants. Port fees may also change based on the rules and laws of the local port authority.


Neither the BCF nor the APA covers insurance. It means that you must buy liability insurance or cancellation and return insurance if you need it, in addition to the required travel insurance.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

You have to pay VAT in the EU, so you also have to pay VAT when you go to places in Europe. Please ask your yacht charter agent for more information, as VAT is different based on the type of yacht rented and where the cruise is going.

Conditions for Chartering a Gulet

Unlike other types of yacht charter, it generally runs as a gulet and includes fuel. Also, they don’t need an APA or other extra funds. All costs can be shown in advance in a contract. and Gulet both offer four different yacht charter price options:

– Only gulet hire is included (fuel up to 4 hours per day).

– Gulet plus food and drinks

– Gulet, food and drink, transportation, and other tours on land

– Gulet + your food and drink

You can get help from your rental expert if you want to know more.

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Finding A Yacht Charter Specialist

A good yacht charter specialist is a person or company that has been in the business for years. There are a few things you can do to find a good yacht rental expert. They can’t just show you pictures and say the same things over and over.

What to look for in a good expert in yacht charters:


Reliability: The most important thing is that the company you choose is a solid one, whether it’s old or new.

Reliability gives you quality, personalized service. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A trustworthy yacht charter expert gives you everything it says it will and tells you in the most accurate way what is possible and what is not with your claims. The most important part of your vacation is the trust you have built with the yacht charter expert you have chosen.


A good yacht rental specialist is a person or company that has been in the business for years. The expert we think you should choose is the one who has worked in the field and helped thousands of customers with trading services.

There are a few ways to tell if your yacht charter expert has been in the business for a while.

The experience of being able to answer all of your straight questions An experienced yacht charter specialist can give you thorough information about the tourism industry, locations, and routes. All boats, captains, and crews are familiar with every subject.


Not only should a yacht charter experts know about yachts, but they should also know about other things. It talks about many sights, tourist spots, routes, chefs and food sources, water sports and equipment, weather and sea conditions, and personal information about yacht owners and captains. At the same time, it should be able to understand all of its customers’ needs and meet them when it comes time to put its academic knowledge to use.


Advice is the most important factor because it shows that all experience, knowledge, and reliability are at work. It’s also proof that you’ve found the best business and the best expert for you.

Working with a trusted expert means you can start enjoying your vacation as soon as you choose it. By making sure that you would have no worries. Special wishes, customized sports gear, and certain ways of eating. Remember that you can only get the vacation you want from a reliable, experienced expert who knows everything there is to know about the business.

why gulet charter is the best option in Turkey

Why Gulet Charter is the Best Option in Turkey has been renting boats for more than 15 years and is now the most well-known charter company in the Mediterranean. It has a fleet of more than 500 of the best yachts that can reach Turkey, the Greek Islands, and Croatia. There could, of course, be a lot more boats in the business. But only the best ships are in our fleet. We offer customized services to both private and business clients, giving them a range of choices to meet their needs. Our services cover any kind of charter you might want or need, including a wide range of yachts, romantic getaways, sports and adrenaline, underwater adventures, work trips, and family vacations.

Take The First Step

Every journey starts with this first step. Send us an email or call us. Talk to one of our highly experienced charter consultants and ask any questions that will help you decide which type of rental and yacht are best for you. You can always do your best when you plan a rental deal a year ahead of when it will take place.

Person-to-person service

Over the years, our experience has taught us what you expect from us. We know very well how to deal with them and how to easily meet all of your needs. Our services start as soon as you call us and keep going until you find the best one.

Rental Plan Adapted to Demand

When you talk to your rental advisor about your trip needs, tell them everything you want, such as transportation, food and drinks, sports and places, games, and accessories. Specify all your requests. Make sure that your trip gives you everything you want.

Easy Payment Plan

We give you two ways to pay. Both are easy and give you a lot of freedom. The first way to pay is to put down a 40% deposit and pay the rest up to two weeks before the tour. Again, the second choice is to put down a 40% deposit and pay the rest when you get on the boat.

7/24 Customer Support

From the time you land at the airport, we offer personalized service. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the help of a team of professionals whose main goal is to please the customer. We always put your comfort and safety first. So, we’re close by, so you can call us whenever you want, before or during the trip.

More than 35,000 clients

So far, thousands of people who have booked with us have been happy with their vacations. After more than 15 years of growth and improving the level of service, our small business, which used to be more like a boutique, has turned into a large company that serves more than 35,000 customers, with an average of 10 people per rental.

We are putting a lot of money into Internet technology, which gives you a search engine that is both thorough and quick. So, you can look for locations and yachts, narrow your search based on important criteria, and find options that best meet your original needs.

With thousands of real pictures from our customers and team, you can see the yachts as they really are and find out where they are.

Our website is always changing and getting better. Our information technology team works well together to make it easier for you to use the site and get what you need. For example, before you talk to one of our brokers about your trip plans or go on an interview, you can use our website to narrow down your choices.

We also have a web FAQ with a lot of information and a live chat service. Lastly, the Yacht Charter Guide part has a lot of information about places you can go for charter services.

what to take on your turkey gulet vacation

Turkey Yacht Charter Seasons

Yacht Charter Periods From Spring To Autumn

November and April: November is a much shorter time to rent a boat in both Turkey and the Greek Islands. So, picking a good time to go on vacation is one of the most important things you can do.

Even though we divide the yacht rental season into low and high seasons, you should keep in mind that prices change from month to month. For example, because it’s the high season in July, prices are at their highest point. On the other hand, if you take a yacht in the last week of June, you can have a nice vacation with the same weather and the same-quality yachts for less money.

At the same time, you can have a more comfortable vacation if you pay attention to how the weather, ocean temperature, storm, and wind calendars might affect your trip.

Talking to your yacht charter expert is the best way to choose the best time for a vacation. For example, you can get the most exact information from them about what time of year it is, where you can be comfortable, or what time of year you can sail.

the advantages of early booking for Gulet

Turkey Yacht Charter Process

The yacht rental process begins as soon as you contact us and lasts until your vacation is over and you’re ready to go home.

At the end of the summer, in October, the process of renting for the next season starts. Since there is only one per yacht, unlike cruise ships and hotels, it’s possible that someone else has already reserved the date you want. So, the sooner you book, the more likely it is that you will be able to rent the boat you want. Also, let’s say you aren’t sure which boat you want. In that case, because it is still early, we have more boat options. Because of this, we would be able to give you more choices. You can also save a lot of money by booking early and getting a deal.

On top of that, just because you missed an early booking doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find a good boat. You can even book the tour a day before you want to go. In recent times, you can also get deals at the last minute. But, of course, all of these have the chance that a boat that meets your requirements could be empty on the day you want.

Yacht Charter Request

On, you can look at any yacht and use our contact modules to send us your requests. At most, it takes us 24 hours to answer your wishes. When you fill out these forms, please tell us whether you want us to call you or send you an email.

You can also call us during business hours to ask for a price.

After we get your request, we’ll send you an email with the best yacht options based on the information you provided. First, if there is more than one option, our expert can help you figure out which one best fits your needs and which one you should choose. Please don’t doubt that our salespeople will help you in the best way they can.

After we decide on the right boat for you, we can move on to the next step.

Details and choosing on Yacht Charter agreement

A decommissioned yacht charter agreement can be made after gathering information about things like the path to be taken, food and drink, private organizations, and airport transfers. Even though all of the details are in the contract, the route, food and drink, organization, and transfer details can be changed up until the last minute based on your requests. The only things that can’t be changed are the start and end places.

You will receive an email with the most recent version of the rental agreement for a boat that we created and signed. You must write out and sign this deal, then email or fax it back to us. We can hold the boat for you during this time.

The contract must include a bank transfer payment for half of the total rent. As soon as the payment receipt gets to us, the tour will be finalized, and the yacht you want will be rented for the times you want.

The End of the Tour

If you asked our company to take you to the airport, your tour will begin when we meet you there. But let’s say your flight leaves before the tour starts. In that case, you can plan any activities or go on a free city tour while you wait by leaving your bags at our office.

By the time the tour started, our team and the boat crew would have finished getting ready and would be taking you to the boat. But our duty to you doesn’t end when you get on the boat. It lasts until you get off the boat and go home with happy memories. During your whole trip, you can send your requests to your customer service rep either directly or through your captain.

If you have asked for it, one of our cars will pick you up from the boat and take you to the airport at the end of your trip.

Every safe and happy guest who goes home with us is a source of pride for our company.

Turkish Gulet Cruise Entertainment

What to Desire Before Renting A Yacht

There are important and wide-ranging factors that could affect your choice. You can only have a great time if you plan everything out in advance. A contract that spells out all your rights is the foundation of a great experience that meets all your needs.

To get a personalized yacht rental, you need to ask and answer questions in eight different areas:

Rental Type

Are you going on vacation or to a business meeting?

What kind of holiday is it? Sports, travel, rest, health, or a mix of these?

Corporate: a small number of managers for a meeting or gathering with a lot of guests?

Yacht Type

Do you need a big, fancy ship, or would you rather have a family-friendly gulet? Should the boat only sail, or should it only have a motor? Should it go quickly? Want something very trendy or old-fashioned?

Where are you going?

Between the Two Seas, the Mediterranean, and the Aegean Sea, which places do you want to visit? Where do you want to start, and where do you want to end? Will you hop from port to port, or will you sail to one or two places?

Number of Guests

How many people will you be with on vacation? How many people view a company’s website?

Additional Requests

Need some special sports gear? What’s your favorite kind of food? Make sure that each yacht has a professional cook who is ready to serve you when you need it. What kind of drinks or sports vitamins do you want? Need some water sports? Do you want a different computer or phone? You can ask for anything, so don’t be afraid to.

Booking time

How soon can you sign the deal? Do you want to be six months ahead or just a month ahead? When do you want to make your order, and for how long?


If you don’t have a lot of money set aside for the holidays, this is the last thing you need to think about: how much money do you have? Then, it would narrow your search to certain kinds of boats.


Once you’ve figured out what each group is, you’ll have a plan for the move. Please type in the titles and put your replies under them. Then, when you talk to your rental specialist, you can get them to give you a clear answer and figure it out. So, it will be easier for you to figure out what best fits your needs.

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