turkey gulet charter guide

Turkey Yacht Charter Guide

Congratulations, by making your yacht charter contract, you have taken the first step towards an unforgettable and life-changing experience. After having such a fabulous holiday, you regret that you have not done it before. You would never want to take a holiday that promises less in the future.

But, as with any decision, you have to base it on detailed and accurate information. With years of experience in the industry, our professional service team helps you make more complex decisions for a perfect holiday plan. It is Romos Travel slightly why different from all other yacht charter companies. In addition, we have prepared comprehensive and advice-oriented, informative, and Detailed Advice pages for you. You can browse these pages and master the general information, and you can ask us what is on your mind.

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How to Choose the Right Rental of Yacht

Bluetourturkey.com provides access to hundreds of boats of different quality, size, and price levels. A vast fleet from super luxury gulet yachts to magnificent modern sailing yachts. You have to choose your yacht according to the budget you allocate for the holiday. In other factors following this, it suits according to your choice.



It is not very important from which port you rent your yacht within the framework of certain distance and rules. For example, it is very convenient to start in Bodrum and Marmaris to visit Hisaronu Gulf. Or if you want to take a cruise in the bays of Gocek, you can rent a yacht from Fethiye, or you can do a one–way Tour of Bodrum-Gocek. For this reason, when you want to rent a yacht, it is more important to determine which location you want to visit, not which location.



Although the length of a yacht is directly proportional to its comfort, it is not very important as a reason for preference. For example, when comparing two six-cabin yachts between 25 and 30 meters, there could be no significant difference between cabins and standard decks. Both provide a comfortable holiday. However, it is not necessary to ignore that a longer yacht is always considered more acceptable in maritime decency, no matter what.


The two most commonly used types of gulet yachts are Aynakic and Gulet models. Although Gulet type boats are more suitable and efficient for sailing, they can provide maximum efficiency in modern mirrors with advanced production techniques. Apart from these two characters, preferences are ultimately shaped according to your tastes and tastes. Thanks to today’s interactive advantages, you can examine all yachts, every detail, and decor with photos and videos.



Your needs on the boat all depend on the content of your trip. For example, are you going on holiday, or is this a corporate rental?

It mainly depends on holiday programs, port visits, water sports, and swimming activities. For business programs, halls and equipment that support teleconference are the main requirements. If you are going to make a corporate lease, check that your choice meets business requirements.


Yacht Categories

Luxury sailing yachts: large, ultra-modern, and built of high-quality material, it is in the category of a floating five-star resort. In this assessment, the size of the yacht, crew, and possibilities of the yacht is essential.

Super luxury yachts: the best of all yacht classes. They are also called Deluxe or VIP boats. Yachts in this category are completely different from others. Their projects are mainly drawn by architects, taking into account the choices of boat owners. They work with famous architects in the industry, and each of them descends into the water as unique designs.

Luxury yachts: the number of cabins in their class varies depending on the size of the yacht. And the way it is used. In some luxury gulets, between 3 and 11 decks are possible. As you can also holiday in a luxury gulet with several people. There is usually a master cabin on each boat. In addition, many luxury boats have twin cabins used by children, making the boat suitable for family rentals.

Classic yachts: the length of decks in this category varies between 17-35 meters. The number of cabins depends on the length of the yacht, including 3-6-7-8-9 and more. Most cabins have a double bed. All cabins are more significant than Economy Class yacht cabins, and each has a private bathroom. In addition, many of them are in twin cabins. Cabins have air conditioning, and usually, the use of air conditioning for 6-8 hours daily is included in the yacht charter fee.

What to Consider Before Gulet Charter in Turkey

Turkey Yacht Charter Cost

Everything Is Included In The Price Except For These Extras.

A yacht charter contract usually includes various costs, and the only extras you pay for are fuel costs. However, suppose you exceed the agreed limits, as well as additional items you may not need. For example, for a particular dish that you order, your chef can request unique ingredients. Your bartender can also request an extra order for the different drinks you want. Apart from these extras, everything else is included in your holiday.

In addition to a private restaurant, you are inside a floating hotel with Entertainment and sports equipment. Providing this service flawlessly is a complicated task. When you consider the operational and management costs of planning, tracking, and finalizing your holiday, it is clear that there can be some costs included in your contract.

Another factor in pricing is the season. When there is a saturation in demand, the season is high and prices increase accordingly. When there is a recession in demand, the season is low and prices are determined accordingly. Some yachts are not affected by this surge, these are mega yachts and you pay the fee the owner demands.

You can always see a breakdown of yacht charter expenses and fees in your yacht charter contract as an October addition.


The contract is an essential document stating your costs. You only pay according to the contract you signed. Charter contracts are usually very similar. The type of contract in Turkey is usually an MYBA (now Worldwide Yachting Association (WYA) contract, formerly known as the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association. This agreement sets out the basic rental fee, extras, insurance, and all other considerations that the yacht owner wishes to specify in the contract.

Most MYBA contracts provide all-inclusive terms where fuel and food, drink, and port fees are added to the Bcf (basic rental fee). Overall, you should consider that it would be October 20% to 30% additional to the basic rental fee based on these contracts.

In some cases, yacht owners use Eastern Mediterranean terms (district) and Greek terms (GT), which are less popular than intermediaries around the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. Our yacht contracts page clearly shows you the differences in contracts.


Basic charter fee (BCF-Base Charter Fee)

The primary charter fee is the essential cost for a yacht charter. Includes expected expenses during the yacht charter period. In addition, it includes expected operating costs for the duration of the lease. Additional claims are added to the basic rental fee, which varies by month. In this context, months refer to periods of high demand versus periods of low demand. You also find that fuel and port charges are an October expense. It is because fuel use and port visits vary according to customer requests.


Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA)

All contracts have an Advance Payment allowance (APA) platform. This tracking system shows the initial down payment of the expected extra costs to cover the basic rental fee. It is a derivative reflected in the unique demands that each customer demands during a yacht charter.

The basic rule is that Apa’s basic rent is about 25% to 30%. However, suppose you have special requests that include expensive food, extra sports, and recreational equipment, and other items. In that case, the APA would increase to include those extras.

The APA is paid one month in advance of the rental period, which allows the captain and crew to prepare and purchase extra supplies and not waste time on your vacation.

If you want to know what has been spent on your claim, you receive a detailed breakdown of APA spending at the end of the round.

Note that fuel and food are charged from APA. Therefore, the yacht does not add any profit margin for these products. However, after the holiday is over, the remaining amount from APA will be refunded to you. If it is missing, we can request it from you.


Fuel and port charges

Fuel and tying charges are an extra expense. They are not included in the BCF because this is the unique nature of each contract. However, it shows how and when the number of water sports that require fuel, such as weather conditions affecting sailing and water skiing, should be considered. Port fees are determined by each port visited, and in some cases, these payments vary according to customer requests. Port fees may also vary depending on local Port Authority rules and regulations.



Insurances are not included in the BCF or APA. It means that in addition to the necessary travel insurance, you must take out liability insurance or cancellation and refund insurance if you need it.


Value Added Tax (VAT)

Since you have to pay VAT in the EU, you need to pay VAT when you visit destinations in Europe. Please ask your yacht charter representative for detailed information, as VAT varies depending on the rented yacht and the region of the cruise.


Special Conditions For Gulet Charter

Unlike other types of yacht charter, it usually operates as gulets, including fuel. They also do not require an APA or similar extra budget. All expenses can be shown by contract in advance.


Bluetourturkey.com; Gulet offers four different pricing options for Yacht Charters:

– Gulet rental only ( including fuel up to 4 hours per day )

– Gulet + food and drinks

– Gulet + food and drinks + transfers + other land tours

– Gulet + your food and drinks

For more information, you can get support from your rental specialist.

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Finding A Yacht Charter Specialist

A Good Yacht Charter Specialist Is An Individual Or Company With Years Of Experience Behind It. When looking for a reliable yacht charter specialist, there are a few tricks. It is never enough for them to just show you photos and repeat the usual sentences.

What to look for in a good yacht charter specialist :


Reliability the vital thing is that the company you choose can be old or new is a solid company.

Reliability; provides you a 24/7, quality personalized service. A reliable yacht charter specialist provides you with everything it claims and conveys to you what is possible and what is not your claims in the most accurate way. The bond of trust you have established between you and your chosen yacht charter specialist is the most decidedly critical point of your holiday.


A good yacht charter specialist is an individual or company with years of experience behind it. The expert we recommend you to choose is the one who has previously worked in the industry and provided brokerage services to thousands of customers.

There are a few tricks where you can tell if your yacht charter specialist has experience.

The experience is to be able to answer all the questions you ask directly. An experienced yacht charter specialist gives you detailed information about the tourism industry, location, and routes; all boats, captains, and crews are familiar with every topic.


The knowledge that a yacht charter specialist should have is not limited to yachts only. It covers many attractions, tourist spots, routes, chefs and food sources, water sports and equipment, weather and sea conditions, and personal information about yacht owners and captains. At the same time, it should include the ability to understand and supply all the demands of its customers at the point of putting the theoretical knowledge it has into practice.


Advice is the most crucial criterion, reflecting that all experience, knowledge, and trustworthiness are in action. It is also proof that you have found the best company and the best expert for you.

Working with a trusted expert means that you would enjoy the holiday as soon as you decide on your holiday. By ensuring that you would not encounter any problems. Special requests, personalized sports equipment, particular eating habits. Remember, only a reliable and experienced expert with all the industry knowledge can offer you the holiday you want.

why gulet charter is the best option in Turkey

Why Gulet Charter is the Best Option in Turkey

Bluetourturkey.com, with more than 15 years of boat rental experience, has become the most prestigious charter company in the Mediterranean with a fleet of more than 500 of the best yachts reaching Turkey, the Greek islands, and Croatia. Of course, there could be hundreds of more yachts in the industry. But we only include the best in our fleet. We provide tailor-made services to private and corporate customers, offering various options for individual and large group requirements. Our services cover any form of charter you want or need, from a wide range of yachts, romantic getaways, sports and adrenaline, underwater adventures: those who want a relaxation and relaxation holiday, business trips, family holidays.


Take The First Step

All journeys begin by taking this first step. Send an email or give us a call. Talk to one of our highly experienced charter consultants and ask any questions that can help you decide which type of charter and yacht suits you. Planning a rental agreement one year ahead of its actual date always allows you to achieve your best.


Personal Customer Service

Our experience has shown us over the years what your expectations are. We know very well how to overcome them and how to fulfill all your demands with ease. Our services start from the first phone call and continue until you catch the most perfect.


Rental Plan Adapted To Demand

When discussing your trip requirements, let your rental advisor know all your requests, such as; logistics, food and drinks, sports and venues, games, and accessories. Specify all your requests. Make sure that your trip meets all your wishes.


Easy Payment Plan

We offer you two payment options; both are very easy and give you flexibility. The first payment option is to pay a 40% Deposit, making the remaining plan cost up to two weeks before the tour. Again, the second option is to pay a 40% deposit and then complete your remaining payment on arrival on the boat.


7/24 Customer Support

We offer a personalized service 24/7, supported by a dedicated team of customer-focused professionals from the moment you land at the airport. Your comfort and safety are always our priority. That’s why we’re close to you for phone calls any time, before or during the trip.


Over 35 thousand customers

Thousands of our guests who have booked with us so far have left their holidays happily. For more than 15 years, with growth and continuous improvement in quality of service, our boutique-type business has grown into a large organization serving more than 35,000 customers today, with an average group of 10 people per rental.



We are investing heavily in internet technology, which provides you with a comprehensive and fast search engine. In this way, you can search for locations and yachts, filter the search by critical parameters, and find solutions that best meet your initial requests.

With thousands of real photos from our customers and team, you can see the yachts as they are and find out where they are.

Our website is constantly growing and developing. Our information technology team works seamlessly to make it easier to use the site and provide easier access to everything you ask. For example, before discussing your travel plans with one of our brokers or interviewing, you can use our website to reduce your options.

In addition, we have a comprehensive FAQ and live chat service online. Finally, the Yacht Charter Guide section contains extensive information about charter services that you can visit.

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Turkey Yacht Charter Seasons

Yacht Charter Periods From Spring To Autumn

November and April – November yacht charter season for Turkey and the Greek islands also is decidedly shorter for Croatia. Therefore, choosing a suitable period is one of the most critical factors for your holiday.

Although we evaluate the yacht charter season in two main groups as low and high seasons, you should consider that each month has a different price policy. For example, as of July, prices are at the top point because of the high season. On the other hand, if you rent a yacht in the last week of June, you can have a pleasant holiday in the same weather conditions with a yacht of the same standards on a lower budget.

At the same time, paying attention to the possible impact of the weather and seawater temperature, storm, and wind calendar on your holiday allows you to spend a more comfortable holiday.

The way to choose the best time for a holiday is to consult your yacht charter specialist. For example, at what time of the season, in what region you can be comfortable, or in what season you can sail where you can learn the most accurate information from them.

the advantages of early booking for Gulet

Turkey Yacht Charter Process

The yacht charter process starts as soon as you contact us and continues until your holiday is over and you return home with happy memories.

Each year at the end of the summer season (end of October), the rental process for the new season begins. Unlike Cruise ships and hotels, since each yacht has only one, the date you want to book may have been chartered by another guest before you. Therefore, the sooner you book for this, the better your chances of renting the boat you want. Also, suppose you don’t have a specific yacht in mind. In that case, we have more boat alternatives available because it is early. Therefore, we would have the opportunity to offer you more options. In addition, early booking discounts can also give you a great advantage.

On top of all that, just because you missed an early booking doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find a suitable yacht. You can even book a day before the date you want to go on the tour. You can also catch some last-minute discounts on recent dates. But, of course, all of these are in the possibility that a boat that would meet your criteria can be empty on the date you want.


  1. Yacht Charter Request

On Bluetourturkey.com, you can browse any yacht on our website and send us your requests using our communication modules. We answer your requests within 24 hours at the latest. Please specify how you want us to contact you (by phone or email) when filling out these forms.

You can also call us directly during working hours and request a quote.

After your request reaches us, you receive an email with the most appropriate yacht alternatives to the details you provide. First, if these alternatives are more than one, you can get an idea from our expert about what best suits your demand and which ones you choose are better for you. Please do not doubt that our sales representatives guide you in the best way possible.

After we decide on the right yacht for you, we can move on to phase two.


  1. Details and deciding on Yacht Charter agreement

Information such as a route to be followed, food and beverage details, private organizations, airport transfer details are gathered, and a decommissioned yacht charter agreement can be prepared. Although all details are specified in the contract, route details, food and beverage details, Organization, and transfer details can be changed until the last minute according to your requests, except for the start and endpoints.

The yacht charter agreement, the latest version of which was created and signed by us, will be sent to you by email. You must write and sign this agreement and send it back to us by email or fax. During this period, we can reserve the yacht for you.

For the contract to be valid, 50% of the total rent must be paid by bank transfer. As soon as the payment receipt reaches us, we will receive final approval of the tour and rent the yacht of your choice for the dates you request.


  1. Completion Of The Tour

If you have requested an airport transfer from our company, your tour starts when we meet you at the airport. However, suppose your flight is earlier than the start time of the tour. In that case, you can arrange any activities or take a free city tour by leaving your luggage at our office during this waiting period.

By the tour’s start time, our team and boat crew would have completed all preparations and take you to the boat. However, our responsibility to you does not end as soon as you step on the boat but continues until you get off the boat and return home with happy memories. You can forward your requests directly or through your captain to your customer representative during your entire vacation.

If you have requested it at the end of the holiday, one of our vehicles pick you up from the yacht and take you to the airport.

Each of our guests returning home safely and happily is a source of pride for our company

Turkish Gulet Cruise Entertainment

What to Desire Before Renting A Yacht

There are essential and comprehensive issues that could affect your decision-making. A great experience can only be achieved with detailed pre-planning. The basis of an extraordinary experience that meets all your demands is based on a contract that clearly states all your rights.

There are eight categories you need to ask and answer to make sure you get a personalized yacht charter:


Rental Type

Are you going on vacation, or is this a corporate event?

Holiday: What kind of holiday? Sports, exploration, relaxation, and health or a mix?

Corporate: a limited number of managers for a meeting or a conference with a large number of guests?


Yacht Type

Do you need a large and luxurious sailboat, or do you want more of a family gulet? Should the yacht be just sailing or just a motor? Should it be fast? Want Ultra-modern or traditional?


Location and destination

Which ports do you want to visit, choosing between the Two Seas, the Mediterranean, or the Aegean Sea? Where do you want to start, and where do you want to finish? Are you going to jump from port to port or sail to one or two points?


Number Of Guests

How many will you be for a holiday? How many visitors participate in corporate use?


Additional Requests

Need special sports equipment? What kind of food do you prefer? Make sure that each yacht has its professional chef and is ready to provide what you need when you need it. What drinks or athlete supplements would you like? Do you need water sports? Do you want a different electronic device? You can ask for anything; be sure to ask.


Booking time

How soon can you make your contract? Six months ahead of your schedule or just a month ahead? When and for how long do you want to make your reservation?



If you don’t have an unlimited source of cash set aside for the holidays, that’s the last factor you need to consider; what’s your budget? Next, it would focus your search on specific types of yachts.



Once you have identified each category, you would find that you have a plan for the move. Please type in the titles and place your answers under them. After that, when you contact your rental specialist, you can lead them to give you a specific answer and figure it out. As a result, you can be more efficient in determining what best suits your needs.

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