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We are a licensed and professional Yacht Broker Company in Turkey since 2009.
Our head office is based in Istanbul and Operation Office is located in Marmaris where is one of the most chosen Gulet destinations in Turkey.
We are pleased to serve our Turkey Gulets and Turkey Gulet Routes.

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Blue Cruise Gulet

Location: Bodrum
Max Guests: 20
Cabins: 8

mermaid gulet

Mermaid Gulet

Location: Bodrum
Max Guests: 10
Cabins: 5

luxury turkish gulets for sale

White Goose Gulet

Location: Bodrum
Max Guests: 8
Cabins: 4



motor yacht aga

Aga 6 Motor Yacht

Location: Bodrum
Max Guests: 12
Cabins: 6

vetro motor yacht

Vetro Motor Yacht

Location: Bodrum
Max Guests: 10
Cabins: 5


Harun Motor Yacht

Location: Bodrum
Max Guests: 10
Cabins: 5

flamingo motor yacht

Flamingo Motor Yacht

Location: Bodrum
Max Guests: 6
Cabins: 3



glorious sailing gulet yacht

Glorious Sailing Yacht

Location: Rhodes
Max Guests: 8
Cabins: 4

ubi bene gulet

Ubi Bene Sailing Yacht

Location: Bodrum
Max Guests: 10
Cabins: 5

patea sailing yacht turkey

Patea Sailing Yacht

Location: Marmaris
Max Guests: 8
Cabins: 4



Marmaris to Bodrum Blue Cruise Tour

Marmaris to Bodrum Blue Cruise Tour

Marmaris to Bodrum Blue Cruise Tour
Marmaris to Fethiye and Marmaris Blue Cruise Tour

Marmaris to Fethiye and Marmaris Blue Cruise Tour

Marmaris to Fethiye and Marmaris Blue Cruise Tour
Dodecanese Island via Marmaris Blue Cruise Tour

Dodecanese Island via Marmaris Blue Cruise Tour

Dodecanese Island via Marmaris Blue Cruise Tour
Gocek to Oludeniz and Fethiye Blue Cruise Touro Oludeniz and Fethiye Blue Cruise Tour

Gocek to Oludeniz and Fethiye Blue Cruise Tour

Gocek to Oludeniz and Fethiye Blue Cruise Tour

Popular Turkey Gulet Destinations on Turkish Riviera

Blue Tour Turkey

Reviews from our Guests

The Bedia Sultan is really beautiful – the woodwork, attention to detail and the comfortable spaces. We loved it and it was always the best yacht in the ports. Mel and her team are amazing – nothing was too Koch trouble and they forethought everything we needed, great service and lovely personalities. The food was amazing – really delicious and varied, all of it was good. Hasan is a perfectionist, cool-headed but easy to work with when we wanted to change our itinerary he gave us the best advice and accommodated is so we had the best experience. The coastline is magnificent, crystal clear waters and gorgeous scenery. We fell in love with everything in Turkey and had the most wonderful week.

Fiona Reid
The most fun you can have in 7 days

It was a beautiful vacation !! Mr. Hakan from the agency had everything perfectly organized! We were taken from the airport in a luxury vehicle to the harbor where the beautiful yacht lay. From here we have the unusually pleasant and nice crew spoiled. Despite some allergies and food intolerances among us in the group, the cook has managed to make us all really happy. Very, very delicious! So we spent a carefree time with water skiing, snorkeling, boating or just let your mind wander ….. just wonderful! Thank you!
We can not think of anything!

Ute Horstmann
A wonderful holiday

A beautiful, older, but well-maintained gulet in wooden construction. The service on board. The route through beautiful nature and small picturesque villages was particularly fascinating on the island of Simi. Steward Bilal, was a unique tip.

Hans Bethge
A dream vacation that has thrilled our whole family in a unique island world!

The whole experience in general has been very rewarding. The crew of the boat is very efficient and friendly, with a special congratulation to the cook who has made us enjoy Turkish cuisine and have been aware of all our preferences. We also thank the company and the crew for the quick management they did when we needed medical attention for one of our friends. In general everything has been very much to our liking.

Lalin Anton

We liked the Göcek-Bodrum tour very much. All the bays that Captain Yüksel could take us to were wonderful. I cannot finish by telling about the excellent meals Chef Ali has made on the boat. I would like to thank the entire crew and agency manager Erkan for their interest. Hope to see you for the next vacation.

Saskia Hempe
Queen Lila is a great Boat!

The crew was awesome! Our chef made the most delicious meals from fresh food that we selected ourselves. Interacting with Mehmet, the main crew member looking after me and my husband, was hands down the best part of our trip. Mehmet ensured we always had what we needed in a discreet way and was always a step ahead of us. The captain was incredibly kind and walked us through the maps of all of the places that we would be visiting. He also made multiple suggestions for anchorage at locations that we hadn’t planned on visiting, which was brilliant. The sailor on the boat was also incredibly kind and was constantly ensuring my husband and I had what we need.

Kate Legg
Good food, sights and sailing on Gulet Didi!

This time it was really luxury! The Gulet – Dreamland – was well equipped, the cabins generous, the bathrooms really offer space and were cleaned daily on the finest and tidy. The chef is in a class of its own, the kitchen was very varied, there were several fish in excellent quality! The Kaptan is extremely friendly and accommodating and very competent. For us, it was an unforgettable week in the beautiful Turkish coastline.

Hans-Peter Popp
We will be back!

Loved the boat and the itinerary. Beautiful Gulf of Gocova! I think we would have liked more discussion about the itinerary before we started as we would have liked to go to a few more restaurants in the evening. However the places the captain chose to anchor in were gorgeous.
Thought the food could be better. Although we kept telling the chef not to provide so much we kept getting far too much food! 

Scenery was stunning, the boat was comfortable, food was fabulous and the 3 crew were really great.

Sally A.W
he crew were charming and knew when to leave us to ourselves. We loved the places we visited and had a wonderfully relaxed holiday.

We had a wonderful trip! The experience was very positive from the beginning: Ender from the BlueTourTurkey agency was super quick and helpful, he answered all questions immediately and organized the trip in a very short time.
Crew was also very attentive and even did more than work: Kapitaen Ismail shared his private wifi with us, Ahmed spoiled us with delicious and varied food, Oshahn even gave the child his own baseball cup. We had 3 people in our family who couldn’t swim and the crew looked after us perfectly by taking us from the yacht to the beach with dinghy every day.
Thank you for a great trip and wonderful vacation!

Greaaaat vacation!

Barış captain and his friend served very well
The food was delicious, the service was perfect, the boat was great, they did their best.

Maria M.
We left the boat with very good memories

We enjoyed our trip very much. The boat was beautiful and clean. The crew was wonderful — very accommodating. The food was very good — of course, we are all on diets now! The travel agents and agency were very efficient and organized — I give them very high marks. Everything they promised, they did. We all feel we got very good value for our money.

Our vacation was wonderfully relaxing and we will do it again.
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Blue Cruise Turkey

Blue Tour Is The Most Perfect And Unique Holiday You Can Experience In Turkey.
The Blue journey is to experience the splendor and insatiable beauty of the sunset. It is to enjoy fish, appetizers and, drinks in the calm waters dominated by Blue. It is to read a book that you have not been able to read in a long time and immerse yourself in it. It is to stay alone with your loved one at sunset, wander in different and distinctive bays, swim in clear and calm waters, lie on the sand on the beach. How long you haven’t felt your freedom is to get away from the noise and fatigue of the city and find yourself on your inner journey.

How about a blue journey on the most beautiful shores of the Aegean and Mediterranean, in the natural wonder bays where green and blue embrace? Also, this trip can be a lovely yacht where you can be alone with your friends and family, share your day and nights, have fun.

How Did The Blue Cruise Begin?

The story of the Blue journey begins in the Gulf of Gökova. Historian, translator, and writer Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı ( fisherman of Halicarnassus ) was sentenced to kalebentlik in Bodrum by the Istiklal Court for an article published in ‘Illustrated Week’ magazine in 1925. His sentence would last 3 years. But Cevat Şakir’s basement days turn from punishment to pleasure. And therefore, it was decided that he would be taken back to Istanbul. After completing his sentence, Cevat Şakir settles in Bodrum. Inspired by Bodrum’s name in ancient times, he gets the nickname ‘fisherman of Halicarnassus’ and signs many works known to everyone today.

In his writings, Cevat Şakir told us about his trips to the Gulf of Gokova, sections of his life, the people he encountered. And he considered it appropriate to call this several-day trip ‘Blue Cruise,’ which he sailed with his friends in the Gulf of Gokova, which started with very modest conditions.

Summary Of A Day

On the boat, the day begins with a nice breakfast in the pleasant cool of the morning. Breakfast is usually served at night in the anchored Bay and immediately followed by a hard Pier. They try to arrive at the places in the hours before noon when the sea is still. After lunch, everyone can do what they want in the anchored Bay. Recreation, swimming, diving, surfing, water skiing. As sunset approaches, a new excitement envelops everyone, and it’s time to ‘sink the sun’ with a glass of drink and eat the fish you keep together. When the clocks show midnight, you close your eyes under millions of stars, and you can sort out your wishes at each star shift.

The blue voyage is too extraordinary and detailed to be described in a few lines. So better come and be our guest!

Yacht Charter Turkey

Turkey offers the best blue tour routes due to its location adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea. That’s why Turkey is one of the best holiday destinations to consider. Turkey is a trendy location among tourists looking for sun, natural beauty, and quality decency. Regular flights to international airports in southwestern Turkey have made the various tourist destinations. The places such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek welcome many visitors in the summer times. Each of these places is part of the Blue Tour routes.

Turkey has a colorful and welcoming culture, making it one of the best worldwide options for your following travel route. Turkey is the perfect location for your next adventure in the eastern Mediterranean with its calm turquoise waters. Turkey is the sixth most visited tourist destination globally. With this number increasing – it is home to 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Turkish waters are gaining popularity on yacht routes, and it is now possible to see why. Turkey is the leading manufacturer of modern superyachts and luxury gulets with the most established shipyards. Choose from traditional Turkish gulets, luxury motor decks, luxury sailing yachts, and more.

Blue tour in Turkey is a luxury experience that offers a wide range of tour options to please everyone. You can travel to a historic area, discover hidden bays, or visit an ancient village that has witnessed history. Everything you choose to do in Turkey would be an unforgettable adventure. Every time you go out, you experience a new, satisfying and unforgettable experience.

Get ready to experience a blue tour in Turkey, where you would not find your partner between charming villages and unique ultra-luxurious decks. Instead, Turkey would surprise you from visiting historical sites to living in peace, enjoying water sports, and walking the streets.

Blue Cruise Routes

The central part of the Blue Cruise route forms the Aegean and Mediterranean bays between Bodrum and Demre. It is also possible to start the tour from Istanbul and extend it to Antalya. However, the taste of the Blue journey is hidden in mooring in bays not far from each other. Today’s ` Blue Cruise ‘ is usually made by 20 – 40-meter gulet type wooden boats. Although the wind allows it to sail, it is usually followed by engine power.

Bodrum is the starting center of the Blue journey adventure. Although it is a suitable starting point for Blue tours to both Gökova and Hisaronu bays, tours to the Cyclades and Twelve Islands are also organized via Kos Island, which is almost next door.

Although the northern direction, which extends from Bodrum to Kusadasi and is called Gulluk / Mandalya Bay, is not very preferred. You can do land visits after anchoring ancient cities such as Didyma and Lassos, for those whose area of interest is Archaeology is priceless.

The first destination is Gökova, slightly different but more vibrant with its expanding beaches and seaside resorts. Besides the fascinating natural beauty of Gökova, there are also the ruins of the ancient city of Keramos, the main attraction of which is Cleopatra’s Beach. Rumors tell us that this beach was brought sand from Egypt for him and his lover Anthony! This theme makes the area more exotic and exciting.

Knidos, located to the southwest of Gökova, was a great city in ancient times. In Modern times, it is an excellent place for all tourists participating in the Blue Cruise trip. There are many private beaches and deserted caves where you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and other water sports in the sky-blue waters. If you like fishing, you can easily find a fishing spot. Anything you can find anything you catch at dinner accompanied by the barbecue our chef promised.

Datça is your next destination and one of the three regions with the highest oxygen ratio in the world with zero industrialization. With its unique and clean atmosphere, restaurants, bars, and craft shops, Datça is like a dream town where you can walk around. You can buy souvenirs for home, family, friends, or something to remind you of the exotic blue cruise adventure.

Marmaris is beyond the Gulf of Hisaronu. Apart from sailors in the Aegean, Marmaris is also home to the most prominent hotels. Iztuzu Beach is one of the rare shores where you can see a sea turtle or Caretta-Caretta, in other words. You can enjoy the river in small boats and visit Dalyan, where the famous ruins of the ancient city of Kaunos are located. Surprised by the grandeur of the King’s tombs, you make your way to the sea along the Dalyan Canal. You can also experience pampering mud baths and enjoy spas.

The next destination is Fethiye. This is a pretty big town. Its port is one of the most active ports in the region. Fethiye contains many bays and Islands. On your route, you would also stop in Gocek, another town on the Gulf of Fethiye. A quality Marina, you can see the most beautiful yachts of the port in Gocek. When you visit the famous Oludeniz, located in the south of Fethiye, you can see the magnificent blue lagoon and nature reserve. You can also discover Lycian ruins during visits to Xanthos veLetoon, a Unesco World Heritage site.

Kalkan and Kaş are small but famous towns located to the east of Fethiye. The exotic atmosphere in these cities comes especially from cobblestone roads, exclusive shops, decent restaurants, and bars.

The next place on your journey is Kekova, the sunken city. Located in this area, the great Ottoman Castle reveals the glory of the Ottoman Empire.

The Last Stop is Antalya. It is one of the largest and most popular holiday destinations in Turkey. It is a city with a great climate, with many large hotels that welcome very high tourists throughout the year. Antalya’s Old City overlooks the port, where narrow roads intertwine with each other, leading to restaurants, bars, and shops. Hadrian’s Gate, located on Main Street, is one of the most important landmarks and must-see places of the Old City. Guarantee!

We are a well-known yacht agent with many years of experience in the field. With our professional team and energy, we are ready at any time to provide services.

Our mission is to be with you in every process from the moment you first contact us until you return home with happy memories. We do our best to make you feel happy and comfortable during your holiday. The whole process is carried out legally on paper, and we always protect your rights by law.

You can find all information about charter terms, cancellation terms, yacht charter agreements, and more on our website. Please feel free to contact us with more questions.

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