Blue Cruise in Turkey
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Blue Cruise

The Most Perfect And Beautiful Getaway That You Can Experience In Turkey

We invite you to onboard our Turkish Gulet and Yacht to unravel the beauty and bounty that the azure Aegean Sea offers. If you thought your journey is only about cruising on pristine waters, let the astonishing historical sites located in the Aegean and a host of other attractions amaze you. Our Blue Voyage takes you on a voyage to the Turquoise Coast and other natural wonders during the course of your journey.

For an enthusiastic and discerning visitor, there are several reasons for going on a blue cruise. Swimming on diverse coastlines, sunbathing on the deck and enjoying delicious meals are just a few of them. Blue Cruise goes beyond the basics and offers you an exquisite cruise experience. With the sea as blue as the sky, the sun shining 176 days a year and a history that dates back to 8,000 B.C., embark on a journey that will not only please your senses but also take you on an intellectual voyage.

With Blue Cruise, you can see a number of sites on the go, each being a rich source of fun and knowledge. This trip is routed on the ‘Blue Road’ – followed by fishermen, sea cargo men, and traders in the bygone years – spanning a large area of about 350 nautical miles between Kusadasi in the Aegean Sea and Antalya in the Mediterranean Sea. Since an average trip spanning 1-2 weeks is insufficient to cover the vast expanse, a Blue Cruise is typically split into two.

Make your itinerary extra special this holiday season in Turkey by booking a Blue Cruise that will rejuvenate your senses and help you connect with nature and history. A welcoming captain and friendly crew will ensure that you relax and enjoy yourself to the fullest on this amazingly stunning Blue Cruise!



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