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Gocek is located in the Fethiye district of Muğla province and is close to the Gulf region and is a beautiful settlement that is often preferred for holidays. Both domestic tourists and foreign tourists often come to this beautiful resort located within the borders of Muğla province. People who want to come to the region for holiday purposes have quite a lot of reasons to choose this place.

Located within the borders of Turkey, this settlement is among the preferred places for most holidays, especially in the summer months of the year, with its turquoise sea and unique natural beauties. Apart from the summer months of Muğla province, the weather temperatures are warm compared to other places, which allows visitors to come to this holiday region.


April to end in October, Gocek is one of the most preferred routes for Blue cruise lovers with its natural beauty and amazing coves during the season. September / October, especially with the end of summer and the beginning of autumn with a different atmosphere Gocek, is one of the regions in Turkey’s Paradise bays. Book a traditional Turkish gulet then visit the Lycian coast, beautiful beaches, Butterfly bay, feel the crystal waters, swim in the Cold Water bay in the summer season during the sail holidays. You do not have to book any Gocek hotels to do a boat trip.


Cleopatra Bay is always among the coves frequented by Blue tour gulets with its immaculate sea, nature and historical beauties. Cleopatra Bay is famous for its Cleopatra bath. It is said that the hot water source coming out of the ruins of the bath is the source of Cleopatra’s decency and that this water is good for skin diseases. By snorkeling in the Bay, which has a clear sea, you can see colorful fish and other living species under the water. During the Blue journey to Gocek, we recommend that you add it to your magnificent dark route, which is famous for its natural beauty and archaeological ruins.

Cleopatra Bay
Ekincik Bay


Ekincik Bay is one of the places frequented by Blue tour decks. Located 40 km southwest of Köyceğiz, the Bay has become famous for its harmony of olive and pine trees with the turquoise sea. During the season, an average of 50 to 60 boats per day are anchored in Ekincik Bay, a natural port. If you wish, you can go ashore and experience great Mediterranean cuisine in restaurants. This bay, where boats spend the night during the Blue cruise holiday, is famous for its large sandy beach, sea and magnificent nature. Gocek, which is one of the preferred routes of holiday enthusiasts by boat, is worth seeing with its virgin nature, clear sea and archaeological ruins. If you have a blue Tour holiday plan this summer, you can visit these islands and discover new places by gulet rental in Gocek



Sarsala, one of the most charming and natural bays of Gocek, is located about 15 kilometers from the center of Dalaman. Sea turtles and fish can swim together and experience unforgettable moments in this beautiful sheep clear waters surrounded by Emerald Yesil forests. Sarsala, which is very suitable for families with its wave-free, shallow and warm sea, attracts visitors with its water sports facilities alongside its Majestic Beach.


Sarsala Bay
Yassica Islands


Yassica Islands, which have become the symbol of Fethiye Bay, consist of many islands large and small. With its natural beauty and sea, these islands are decked out among the coves frequented by Blue tourists. It is possible to visit some of the Yassica Islands, which have gained worldwide fame due to the presence of a natural pool.. Blue and Green have in common, Yassıcalar is one of the places you should add to your route during the Turkey Blue Tour Holiday



Another name of the sheep known as Bedri Rahmi is Taşyaka. In 1974, it became known as Bedri Rahmi Bay after the painter and writer Bedri Rahmi visited this place and painted it on a stone. You can examine the rock tombs on these magnificent sheep slopes closely, swim on the small beach hidden among olive trees, or visit the Lycia tombs by decking the slope in the area where the beach is located. Bedri Rahmi Bay is among the bays where Blue tour decks and visitors spend the night due to its sheltered structure. We recommend adding this natural wonder and Virgin Bay to your Gocek Blue Tour Holiday route



Bedri Rahmi Bay
Tersane island


The shipyard, which is the largest island of Gocek, got its name because of its use as a shipyard during the Ottoman period. The coast has few palm trees, olive trees, and plenty of goats, while the eastern part of the island has a marina. This is a very sheltered Port, suitable for mooring. Gocek Tersane Island, one of the indispensable stops of the Bay, is a great bay for overnight stays and swimming breaks during the Blue Tour Holiday. If you have a blue Tour holiday plan in Gocek, we recommend that you add this magnificent island to your route.





The geographical structure of Göbün Bay, where historical remains appear deep in its azure waters, resembles tropical regions rather than Mediterranean geography. The entrance to Göbün Bay, which is the most sheltered of Gocek bays, is narrow, and neither wind nor waves visit this bay. In this way, Göbün Bay has a magnificent calm. Göbün Bay, which fascinates visitors with its calm in summer, is always open for holiday.

gobun bay
kille Bay


Kille Bay, a fairly large bay, is completely covered with emerald Yesil pine trees. Always full of bird chirps and waves, this bay is the perfect spot for boat and yacht holidays.


Gunluklu Bay is a peaceful spot where you can have a picnic with your loved ones in comfort in the shade of trees and sleep in hammocks. The name sheep comes from the log trees in the area. The log trees (Liquidambar orientalis), which have a very important place for the perfume and pharmaceutical industry, give unique scents that completely cover the dark at sunrise and sunset.

gunluklu bay
siralibuk bay


Sıralıbük Bay, which is a popular destination for Gulet Travellers, is also one of the most beautiful bays of Gocek, the place of the junction of sweet and salt water, in this immaculate Bay, you can watch the goats while they cool off on the one hand. Since the beach is pebbly, we recommend not to walk without shoes.

If you have a Turkey Blue Tour holiday plan this summer, you can examine the Turkey Blue tour routes of Gocek with and create a holiday route for yourself. If you want you may click for Gocek Blue tour Gulets.

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